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We tried exciting zip-line at Tarumizu Morinoeki (Zaiho Park Sarugajo).  It was very exciting to gliding down over the valley of great nature! The length of zip line is as long as 310 m in total and the height is 160m.


Arrival at Zaiho Park!

We departed Kagoshima City for Mt. Sakurajima by Sakurajima Ferry and drove Osumi Peninsula southward about 20 minutes.

Weather forecast predicted rain on afternoon of that day. :-()

We hurried to Zaiho Park to enjoy zip-line before it started rain. 

At first, we drove a bit far too much and came to the wrong building of the park. (Fureai Kan at the following picture)

You cannot register for zip line at this place.

Fureai kan


Staff of the building kindly told us to go to another building “Sarugajo Radon Ryoyosen” (Radon Hot Spring).

Souvenirs corner. You can also have lunch here.

Zaiho Park Souvenirs


I took photos of the scenery near “Fureai Kan”.

Under the skirts of steep mountain, there are some cottages along the river.

Maybe because of consecutive holidays, I found some families enjoyed staying at cottages.

It must be a great fun to stay at this beautiful place!cotages

We headed for the building for Radon Spa.



Our friend Tomo and I tried zip line on this day.

(My wife stays to take care of our baby.)

We paid money at the reception. Luckily the price was discounted from 1,500 yen to 1,000 yen at that time. 🙂

You have to put signatures before zip line. We felt excited!



Staff puts life line.



Life line was put around waists.

zip line lifeline


The handle of life line of zip line. This part is connected to the wire rope.

Since I have got fat recently, I strongly hoped that the rope would not be cut. 🙂



Preparation is completed!



We got on free cars and moved to the starting point of zip line.

The zip line is very close to the Radon Spa.

Free cart for zip line


Let’s take an adventure!

move to zip line




Zip Line Video

Before enjoying zip line, staff gave us safe instructions. 

Then we decided who to take zip line first.

There were 2 small children except for us. Since my friend Tomo was female, I gathered up my courage and I took the first turn!

1st Zip Line

We took two zip lines.

When I jumped into sky, I felt terribly scary. 

jump into air

My feet were trembling slightly.

While I was scared, other people started count down! I jumped into air!!



Speed accelerated very quickly!

zip line adventure

exciting zip line


Tomo and I took some videos of zip line. Please watch and enjoy. 🙂

My 1st zip line (subjective camera)

I felt very exhilarated in the air! What a wonderful sensation!

But I made a very bad-looking landing at the end.


Tomo’s 1 st zip line (subjective camera)


Tomo’s 1st zip line (objective camera). I took her adventure from the goal point.

She landed as badly as I did. 🙂


2nd Zip Line

2nd line is longer than 1st one. The entire length is 130 meter. The difference of elevation is 8 meter higher than 1st one.

Following video is my 2nd zip line (subjective video).


Tomo’s 2nd zip line! (objective video)

Her swinging legs are very cute! 🙂

According to the explanation of staff, it is easy to keep your posture if you swing your legs.

But I found it very difficult to keep direction of my body. My body kept circling… 🙂


My Comment

The zip line is very exciting! I want you to give it a try!

After jumping into air, the great nature will impress you and you will feel great exhilaration.

I found a stream below myself and saw beautiful Kagoshima Bay in a distance.

Children seemed to take a great delight, but I think that adults like us can take more delight than children, since adult weight are heavy and speed is much quicker than children.

But you have to be very careful of your belongings. Once you lose it, it is almost impossible to retrieve it.

After zip line, we enjoyed taking a bath at Radon Hot Spring.

See Article→ Radon Hot Spring


Information of Zip Line


1 hour from Kagoshima City by car via Sakurajima Ferry (or Tarumizu Ferry). 1 hour from Miyakonojo City by car.

Open Hour

09:00-18:00 You cannot play zip line on windy or rainy day.


1,500 yen including tax

Home Page



Exciting Zip Line in great nature