Kagoshima City Museum of ART, Center of Culture & History of Kagoshima, Japan



Center of Culture of History of KAGOSHIMA

This museum located at ruins of Kagoshima Castle in which Shimazu family governed Kagoshima for centuries.
At the foot of Mountain Shiroyama, this area has prospered as the historical center of politics and culture.
This art museum opened in 1954 and stored historical artifacts.
As only one public art museum, it has collected precious art pieces.
At the same time, this museum has contributed to the advancement of art culture of Kagoshima through activities such as exhibition and other activities of art museum.

In order to catch up with diversifying art activities and expectation of Kagoshima citizens, old museum was demolished and new museum was built and started on 29 November 1985.

New museum mainly stores arts of local artists and western pieces from the end of the 19th century.


My Personal Recommendation at this Museum

It is wonderful to place to walk around while appreciating various kinds of art. I love to take a rest and drink a cup of coffee at the restaurant in this museum. It is confortable!

URL link of the cafe restaurant (Hana Caf’s)


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