Service Station “SAKURAJIMA” – Hinoshima Megumikan near Sakurajima Ferry Terminal –



The service station SAKURAJIMA is located at the skirt of the active volcano Mt. Sakurajima (1,114m). The station is very close to Sakurajima ferry terminal and please drop by the station when you come to Mt. Sakurajima!


Service Station “Sakurajima”

We visited the service station “Sakurajima”.

service station "Sakurajima".


Memorial Photo

We took memorial photos before entering into the service station.

My 6 month daughter became a Sakurajima Komikan which is the small orange and the famous agricultural products at Sakurajima region.

Our daughter smiling at the camera is very cute.

Sakurajima Komikan


Following picture is Sakurajima Radish. The size of the radish is the largest in the world according to the Guinness record.

If I put my face in the middle of the radish, it becomes a scary monster. 🙂

Sakurajima Radish


We entered the service station.

You can also have lunch at the restaurant of the station.

We found interesting pots made of volcanic stones of Mt. Sakurajima. They look very interesting!

pots made of volcanic stones of Mt. Sakurajima 

The volcanic pots are popular among those who love gardening, because water is well drained in those pots.


Restaurant “Shun”

The wooden ceiling has the unique shape.

You will feel as if you you are eating lunch inside volcano in the restaurant.



Many dishes are made of unique ingredients produced in Sakurajima.


The pepper is made of the skins of Sakurajima small oranges.


My wife ordered the following Hinoshima-Gozen (1,050 yen).火の島御膳



The pork is very soft and juicy!


Sakurajima orange juice has the mild taste.



I ordered the following the finest amber jack bowl (780 yen).



The fish is very fresh and delicious!



Souvenir Hall

The architecture of the building made us feel as if we were inside the volcano.

Many travelers were enjoying shopping at the souvenir hall.

Many kinds of local agricultural products were sold there.

Souvenir Hall


We bought some Sakurajima Komikan oranges.

One bag has more than 10 oranges but is only 150 yen! It is very cheap!

Sakurajima Komikan oranges

The oranges are smaller than usual, but very sweet.

Why not buy it as a souvenir or eat it on your driving trip in Kagoshima?

Sakurajima Komikan Orange



My Comment

The service station Sakurajima is close to Sakurajima Port.

You can have lunch here and it is the good place to take a rest when you enjoy car driving at Mt. Sakurajima.

There were some people parked their cars and stayed at its parking lot.

The station is the good starting point to travel around Mt. Sakurajima and Osumi Peninsula.



Station Information


About 3 minutes from Sakurajima Port (ferry terminal). Free parking lot is available.

Open Hour

  • Souvenir Hall: 09:00-18:00
  • Restaurant: 09:00-17:00

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