Sakurajima viewed from Dolphin Port, Kagoshima City, Japan!



This is the video of Sakurajima Island, Kagoshima.


Sakurajima is an active volcano. Its height is 1,117 meters.

This volcano is the symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture.

The contrast of Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay is fantastic!


You can go to Sakurajima Island by ferry.

It takes about 20 minutes from the ferry terminal of Kagoshima City.

You can enjoy delicious Udon noodles on the ferry.


There are many interesting places to see on Sakurajima Island.

Taking foot bath at Yogan Park. It is very warm and comfortable.

Llearn more about Sakurajima volcano at the Sakurajima Museum.

There is also a shrine gate which was buried by ash as a result of volcanic eruption of Sakurajima.


Sakurajima is also famous for its small oranges.

It is sweeter than normal oranges. They are very nutritious

My family loves this oranges and has eaten it for years.

Because Kagoshima has many volcanoes such as Sakurajima,

there are many hot springs where you can relax yourself.

Many travelers come to Kagoshima to enjoy hot springs!