Mt.Sakurajima floats in Golden Sky – Positive Thoughts of Kagoshima People –



Mt.Sakurajima this morning (28 May 2015)

Warm southeast wind is blowing gently in the morning.
Appearance of the Sakurajima is vague due to morning mist. The beautiful gold clouds are moving slowly high in the sky.
Those thin numerous clouds will turn into big clouds in June.
I look forward to seeing the collaboration of big June clouds and Mt. Sakurajima. It will be very impressive!

・Energetic Volcano
The volcano has been calm this week, but it made a small explosion this morning (588th eruption)
The number of eruption will exceed 600 times in the next month.
In other words, the volcano keeps erupting 100 times every month until this month. How actively volcano erupts! I wish Mt.Sakurajima share me some energy spirits!


・Sakurajima’s Ash is a gift from Heaven?
Usually many people feel discouraged when they hear the news of eruption of the volcano.
Eyes are painful, your mouth feel uncomfortable, your treasure car is covered with gray ash.
However, the volcanic ash is not always bad news.


One company invented doll made of Mt.Sakurajima’s volcanic ash as souvenirs of Kagoshima Prefecture. Their surface is shiny black and makes me feel warm.
There are many kinds of dolls include Mr.Saigo (Kagoshima’s Historical Person), Mr. Sakamoto Ryoma (great contributor to Meiji Restoration), Hello Kitty, Ultra Man, Easter and Island’s Moai.
Don’t you think it is great to think “Business opportunity (Money) is falling from sky” rather than to think “The ash annoys me so much!”. We have to think positively!
I admire the spirits of those people in Kagoshima who thinks positively even in time of hardship. 

See Ash Dolls of Mt.Sakurajima



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