Kagoshima City

Natural Beauty

SAKURAJIMA Viewed from Bridge of Kotsuki River near Kagoshima-Chuo Station

KOTSUKI RIVER If weather is fine, you can see the clear view of Sakurajima from this Kotsuki River. Only a stone t...

Kagoshima City tackles Global Warming Issue by paving tram railway with LAWN!

Green Tram Railway The tram railway is paved by lawn in Kagoshima City. Kagoshima City is the leading the campaign...
Natural Beauty

Eruption of SAKURAJIMA! Scary…!

SCARY ERUPTION When driving around Sakurajima, you sometimes find its eruption. Watch and enjoy! I am s...
Hot Springs

Enjoy Foot Bath at “Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park” near Sakurajima Ferry Terminal

I recommend you to go to "Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park" after arrival on Sakurajima. At this park, you can take a comfor...
Experience & Leisure

Appearance : Kagoshima Prefecture Governmental Office

KAGOSHIMA PREFECTURE OFFICE This office makes every efforts to attract foreign travelers to Japan. I want to becom...
Shrine & Temple

MYSTERY Black Cow Statue at Ichinomiya Jinja at Kagoshima City : Animals Statues of Japanese Shrine

* You may find various animal statues during trip in Japan. * If you find a COW statue, it means that the shr...
Shrine & Temple

Old Japanese Leisure! Physical Power Competition! Can you lift up over 100 kg stones?

OLD CUSTOM at KAGOSHIMA FESTIVAL There are several over 100 kg stones in the garden of Ichinomiya Shrine in Kagoshima...