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official no. of rental camper campany is “九運鹿分第1649”.

We started to rent the camper in 29 April 2022.



Let’s Travel Kagoshima and Japan by Camper!

We started to rent the camper so that you can enjoy travel Kagoshima and Japan!


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Reasons to Start to Rent Camper

We want make many people smile and happy

Nice to meet you! I am Rara, owner of the camper and this website.


My husband and I raise 3 small children.

It has recently got difficult to take children outside dun to Covid 19.

Children must keep wearing masks, talk quietly and keep silent while eating meals. So, they have got very stressful.

Childhood is Precios

Even in time of staying indoors due to Covid19, children have grown very quickly from viewpoints of their parents.

My husband and I also got anxious about the speed of growth of our children when staying at home due to Covid19.

I think many parents have the similar anxiety with ours.

My husband and I really want make many family smile and have many good memories of family even in the time of Covid19!

That is why we started to rent our camper which can minimize the risk of Covid19 while traveling in Kagoshima and Japan.

We think that children generally love traveling with camper very much!

We want many fathers and mothers to see many smiles of their children in camper!

Let’s make happy family memories!

We want you to rent our camper to make happy travel memories in Kagoshima and Japan!

We strongly believe that those memories will be precious and unforgettable!

Unlike trains or general cars, you can organize your itinerary freely if you travel by camper!

Let’s create your own distinctive and wonderful trip by camper!

We want create the waves of smile from our hometown, Kagoshima to the Japan and the world over.

That is our mission.

Camper Trip Modej Course

This itinerary starts from Kagoshima City to Japan’s southernmost Cape Sata.

RV parks around Kagoshima

You can use air conditioning and electric oven at RV parks by connecting an electricaj cable of the camper.

Please refer to the following article for RV parks in and around Kagoshima.

Supportive Business for Raising Children in Kagoshima

We runs the rental camper shop “SmilyRing” which is the member to support raising children in Kagoshima Prefcture, Japan.

We prepare for small gifts for your children if you show me passport for raising children on the day to rent our camper.


SmilyRing (Rental Camper)

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