Breakfast & Lunch at “Akane Coffee” – Relaxing holiday at traditional coffee shop at Kagoshima City –



Akane Coffee is the popular coffee shop loved by local people at Usuki town of Kagoshima City. I heard the news of the cafe from my wife and I decided to how it would be like. Actually I had visited the cafe twice but I give up having breakfast because all seats were occupied. As time passed, my curiousity about the cafe increased. So, I decided to have breakfast instead of lunch to avoid busy time. I really enjoyed having breakfast in an elegant atmosphere. (I could have breakfast on another day!)



Akane Coffee

Unfortunately it was raining in the morning. I was also tired of busy working days. I visited the cafe to cheer up my mind.



Morning Set

I ordered Toast & Bacon Set(880 yen)

Mild half boiled egg and steaming hot bacon with abundant chopped vegetables. How luxurious this holiday morning was!


The thick soft bread are buttered and sending wonderful scent. Outside of the bread is crispy, but the inside is very soft and chewy.


The amound of vegetable salad was more than I expected. At that thime I was luck in having vegetables and felt very lucky. Onion dressing was on the salad.


Coffee taste was nice in this relaxing atmosphere. You can choose coffee or tea when you order breakfast.


Staff were very polite and gave me good impression.

I ordered Toast Set (680 yen) on another day.


Three slices of steaming thick bread. The scent of butter stimulated my appertite.

Put butter and strawberry jam on bread 🙂


Toast set was nice, but personally I prefer Toast & Bacon Set which includes eggs, bacon and salad.



One day, I could finally have lunch on another day. It was 11:00 when I arrived here, but already 5 groups perople had already been in line. How popular the cafe is!

There are 2 kinds of bread lunch menu. I chose “Omlet & Sausage Plate” (880 yen) this time. I will try “Hamburg and Porched Egg” next time!


Like the breakfast set, I was delighted at the large volume of vegetables.

The soft texture of omelet was surprising…! Once you put it in your mouth, happy smell of eggs and butter spread.


This is “Akane-pan” or the special bread of the cafe. Immersed butter sends out wonderful scent.


I ordered cold cafe lait for drink. The taste has good body and clearness with wonderful aroma!


I had lunch at the counter seat this time. It was very relaxing.


When the other guests left a table, the staff kindly guided me to the table seat. It must be very busy working at such a popular shop, but I was touched by the professional kindness of staff.


Seasonal Parfait (Autumn)

My wife’s sister enjoyed this beautiful parfait (autumn version).


Autumn fruits such as chestnuts, peer, muscat, grape, persimmon and apple are on the parfait.

How delicious it looks! I wish if I could eat the parfait!



Cafe’s Atmosphere

Beautiful classic music and antiques create relaxing atmosphere.


Personally I love the small violin lamp at the counter.


The room is slightly dark. I took my book for study, but it was a bit too dark to study. The cafe is the good place to chat with your friend or family feeling relaxed.

Table seats


Guests of the cafe ranges from young couple to old women and businnes people.


Delicious-looking cake blow casher. (But you cannot buy it for take-out)


I am going to have parfait and other sweet next time I visit Akane Coffee! 🙂

Manu (Breakfast & Lunch)

Morning Set(08:30-11:00)
Toast Set 680円 Toast, Coffee or Tea
Toast & Bacon Egg Set 780円 Bacon Egg, Salad, Toast, Coffee or Tea
Lunch Menu (11:00-14:00)
Omelet & Sausage Plate 880円 Omelet, Sausage, Salad, Special Bread of Akane Coffee

Hamburg & Porched Egg Plate 980円

Hamburg, Porched Egg, Salad, Special Bread of Akane Coffee

There are many kinds of coffee. If you love coffee, this is the place you should visit!(Morning Set and Lunch Set don’t include those coffee. You have to order those coffee additionally).


Personal Comment

  • The cafe is the good place to welcome relaxing holiday morning.
  • Busiest time of the cafe is 11:00 – 16:00 (I asked staff about busy time). The cafe is really popular!
  • Slight smell of cigarettes. I was OK since I was ex-smoker though…

Cafe Information

Open Hour

  • Weekday : 10:00-24:00(Last Order 23:00)
  • Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday :  08:30-24:00(Last Order 23:00)


1st, 3rd and 5th Monday (If the day is National Holiday, the holidy is shifted to next day).




  • City tram : 5 minutes by foot from Usuki Station
  • Car : drive route 225 and turn at crossroad “Usuki-cho” toward Murasakibaru
  • Free parking lot is available (please refer to the following map of the cafe)





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