Volcano Mt. Sakurajima Videos (April 2015)




Volcano Sakurajima and school children (9 April 2015)

I usually take Sakurajima’s video in the morning or the envening. Today, I took the video at lunch time. I could see children playing on the school ground. The east wind delivered ash from the Sakurajima to Kagoshima City. It is hard to open your eyes outside! Kagoshima is a wonderful place but I still don’t get used to the falling ash of the Sakurajima. When I took the video, I saw many school children are playing on the ground in spite of falling ash. I think that children are more energetic than I am!  


Sakurajima is the symbol mountain in Kagoshima. It erupted as many as 9 times today! Sakurajima’s top is covered with clouds, but the volcano keeps eruption in the cloudy sky. I hope the activity will calm down and people can live with the mountain safely. School children enjoy activities on the ground as if no eruption takes place.  

Kagoshima Prefecture has produced many historically famous people. Under the foot of this active volcano, many famous people have changed the history of Japan. Those people include Mt. Takamori Saito, Mr. Toshimichi Okubo, Mr. Tatewaki Komatsu, Princess Atsu-Hime and Lord Nariakira Shimazu. Those people have contributed to the modernization of Japan and you can see their names in Japanese history textbook. When I feel discouraged, the appearance of the Sakurajima gives me spirits! I hope that Kagoshima will continue to produce many people in future.


VOLCANO SAKURAJIMA erupted (05:40 on 10 April 2015!)

I post the video of Sakurajima taken at the balcony of my apartment. Many people are interested in the volcanic activities of the Sakurajima.


Sakurajima appeared from rainy clouds (morning on 11 April 2015)

Weather is getting better than yesterday! I could have the clear view of Sakurajima than yesterday! After evening, wind started to blow to west and ash is falling on Kagoshima City…Oh my god!


Evening view of Sakurajima on 11 April 2015 


Volcano SAKURAJIMA on 17 April 2015

The volcano looked very beautiful in evening.

18:11 in evening (17 April 2015) NE’ly wind, sunny


Moment of Eruption – Volcano Sakurajima covered with Ash Powder – (26 April 2015) South wind, Sunny

SKIN POWDER of ASH Mt. Sakurajima has erupted frequently recently. The surface of the volcano is covered with white ash. It looks as if Mt. Sakurajima put skin powder on its surface. Actually some recent research discovered that the Mt. Sakurajima’s ash is a very good ingredient of human skin powder. It is because the molecule of the volcanic ash is very very small.


Volcano Sakurajima’s Beautiful Morning & Eruption Smoke reached 3,000m! (07:30 27 April 2015) Southeast wind 5m, Hazy

It was the very peaceful morning, however…   Massive Eruption Took Place! Suddenly the volcano erupted and its massive smoke reached as high as 3,000m! Mt. Sakurajima erupted at 04:05 on 27 April 2015. When I took the video, the erupted smoke has already gone away. But, I could see the beautiful morning sunrise! It was the DIAMOND SAKURAJIMA!


Eruption on 27 April 2015

Very Calm at noon 

It suddenly erupts at PM17:43 (Southeast wind 5m, Cloudy)

It made 3rd eruption at PM18:09. Much walling volcanic ash entered into my mouth when I walked to my apartment…Oh my God!


Eruption Moment! – Volcano Mt. Sakurajima – (28 April 2015) South wind 9m, Cloudy

The volcano erupted at 06:04 on 28 April 2015! Warm south wind blows to north (Kirishima City). The volcano has erupted very frequently until yesterday. This morning smoke is small. Mt. Sakurajima seems to be taking a short rest. Many local people has been annoyed by the increase of falling volcanic ash in Kagoshima. I think that they get relieved because volcanic activities are calmed down now. It is cloudy today in Kagoshima. Heavy rains are expected southern islands such as the Amami Islands.


Spiritual Volcano Mt. Sakurajima slowly appearing from clouds (28 April 2015) South wind, Rainy

Sacred and Spiritual Mountain Rainy clouds slowly moves to northward and the magnificent Mt.Sakurajima slowly made its appearance. Fortunately I could see the eruption. The scenery was so impressive and captivated my mind. The south wind is very warm and told me the arrival of summer. Kagoshima is getting warm day by day!



Mt. Sakurajima Erupted on 29 April 2015

VOLCANO SAKURAJIMA enormously erupted at 06:27 on 29 April 2015!

I could take the moment of huge eruption. I took this video just after I woke up.
Subtle south wind carry eruption smoke to north (Kirishima City)

Wind has blown from south to Kagoshima City and Yoshino City recently. I like to see the eruption of Mt.Sakurajima, butmany car owners are busy washing their cars. Yesterday I saw the car of my friend. Her black car was completely covered by gray ash. It is better to buywhite or silver car in Kagoshima, because car looks clean even after covered by ash.



Volcano Sakurajima on 30 April 2015

It rains this morning, but it turned into fine in evening. It erupted at 12:55 on that day. 

Cloud’s Cap (30 April 2015) Southeast wind 7m, Cloudy 

But unfortunately I could not see the eruption due to thick rainy clouds. What a shame! The upper half of Mt. Sakurajima is covered with rainy clouds. It heavily rained in Kagoshima in the morning with occasional roars of thunders. The rain stopped in afternoon and Mt. Sakurajima started to emerge from rainy clouds. Sunset sunshine cast a bright light on Mt. Sakurajima and its surfaces are beautiful. Recently Mt. Sakurajima erupted so frequently that all its surfaces are covered with white ash. Morning rain was a good shower for Mt. Sakurajima and washed away ashes from its surface.