Volcano SAKURAJIMA erupted enormously!



Sakurajima is the active volcano at south of Japan.
The volcano is the symbol of Kagoshima prefecture.

Eruption and Earthquake

Earthquake happened just under the Sakurajima today (31st March 2015).
The tremor had an intensity of 1 on the Japanese seven‐stage seismic scale (magnitude 2.6).
Such earthquake has not happened for 3 years.
According to a professor at Kyoto University, which observe volcanic activities of the volcano, there will be no signs of enormous eruption, but it is better to prepare for more frequent eruptions.

History of Sakurajima

The most powerful eruption occurred in 1914.
The eruption was so enormous that Sakurajima’s lava connected the island to the Osumi Peninsula.
The half-buried shrine gate tells you the magnitude of the eruption.

Ash of Sakurajima

Benefits of Sakurajima

It is pleasant to take foot bath at Nagisa Park at Sakurajima.
The park is very closed to the ferry terminal of Sakurajima.
You can enjoy taking free foot bath while having decent views onto the bay and across the water to Kagoshima City.

1421015581064sakurajima mikan

Let’s take off shoes and socks! I took the bath while having small Sakurajima oranges! It was the wonderful time!


How to get to Sakurajima

Kagoshima and Sakurajima are connected by “Sakurajima ferries”.
The distance to Sakurajima is 3.5 km and it takes 15 minutes by ferry.
It runs in 15 minutes at daytime and 60 minutes at night.
The fare is only 160 yen for 1 adult (the price excludes the fare of cars and bicycles).
The ferry terminal is a 10 minute walk from JR Kagoshima Station or a five minute walk from the Suizokukan-guchi tram station.
I like having UDON noodles when I get on the ferry.

1421015567532sakurajima udon

If like to eat Tempura udon noodle. The noodle has Satsuma-Age (traditional food in Kagoshima, deep-fried fish paste) on it. You have to eat it quickly before the ferry arrives at Sakurajima!


How to get around Sakurajima

The easiest way to travel around Sakurajima is by rental car.
I recommend you to rent a car and Kagoshima City or at Kagoshima Airport and take the car to the island, because it is hard to rent a car at Sakurajima.
The ferry fare of the car is 1,150 – 1,600 yen one way for 3-4 meter long cars. Driving once around the coast of Sakurajima takes about an hour.



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