Cafe “Chanonke” – Enjoy Parfait and Tea Holiday Afternoon -(Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City)



We discovered a nice restaurant of delicious parfait and green tea. If you love sweets, this is the place you should visit!


Happy Afternoon

Both my wife and I love sweets! In order to relax ourselves from the work of weekdays, we visited the cafe “Chanonke” at Murasakibaru Town of Kagoshima City.

The name of the restaurant “Chanonke” means “to have a cup of tea” in Kagoshima’s dialect. 

  • Parfait Set (1,000-1,200 yen)・・・There are 5 kinds of parfait. You can select hot or ice tea from 3 kinds 1. Chiran Tea, 2. Hoji Tea or Kikouji Tea (a kind of Jasmine Tea)♪
  • Sweet Set Plate (500 – 700 yen)・・・There are 14 kinds of plates. You cannot select drink (tea, coffee, etc) if you order a sweet set plate.


Restaurant Atmosphere

Beautiful hand-made plates and cups.

chanonke cafe

We enjoyed watching those objects. They are so cute! 🙂

chanonke cafe

The restaurant sells many kinds of Chiran teas. We bought one of them to our friend who loves green tea.

chanonke cafe

Many kinds of Chiran tea are sold.


Sweet Afternoon♪

Japanese Parfait

Following picture is the Japanese Parfait which my wife ordered (1,000円+tax).

Wow! What a wonderful scenery! I cannot wait to eat it ! \(^o^)/

My wife selected Hoji Cha for tea.

chanonke japanese parfait

My wife had been always busy for nursing our baby and tired. She was so delighted at the parfait since she loves ice cream of green tea.

The maccha of the parfait was produced in Kirishima City.

japanese parfait

You cannot see at the above picture, but cold read beans are at the bottom of the parfait.




Japanese Chestnut Parfait

I ordered Japanese Chestnut Parfait (1,200 yen + tax).

It was autumn when we came to the restaurant. Chestnuts are harvested in that season. In order to enjoy the taste of autumn, I chose this unique parfait.

I selected Chirancha tea for drink. The Chirancha tea is the famous product of Kagoshima. The taste of Chirancha tea is milder but more bitter than normal green tea.

Bitter Chirancha tea was very delicious with very sweet parfait of chestnuts. 🙂

Japanese Chestnut Parfait

Close look of the parfait. The parfait is put in the dish for drinking maccha.

Japanese Chestnut Parfait

Small tips of the chestnuts are included in the ice cream.

Big boiled chestnuts were very sweet and delicious. 


My Comment

While we were enjoying parfait, some female guests came to the restaurant.

Maybe this restaurant is very good to enjoy chatting with your friends. The atmosphere is relaxing and we felt at home.

We were also glad that staff were very friendly and she gave a hug to our daughter.

I will try different parfait next time I come there!


Lunch & Cafe near Chanonke

Hanasakan Cafe


Akane Coffee

Ameiro Tamanegi


Cafe Information

Open Hour

10:00 – 19:00(L.O.17:30)



Parking Lot

Free parking lot is available for about 3 cars



Home Page



3-39-11 Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City


Enjoy Parfait & Tea!