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Night View of Kagoshima City (14 Feb 2015, at Prefecture Government)

You can have this beautiful night view at the top floor of Kagoshima Prefecture Government.

Night View Spot

This is probably the most wonderful night viewing spot in the middle of Kagoshima city.
Another good spot is the Shiroyama, north of the Kagoshima City.
It is also wonderful to come here at daytime.
You can enjoy the contrast of the city, the ocean and Sakurajima.


Kagoshima Prefecture Office

The prefecture office is open to public. It is free of charge to come to this place.
It is the great place to see Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay.
I wonder why many tourist guide book miss this place.
It is nice to have a lunch or coffee at the restaurant on the floor.
You can definitely have the relaxing time with your friends and family!

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