Mt.Sakurajima – Unique landscape in the world –



In most case, the eruption smoke of Mt.Sakurajima flies to south (Kanoya City).
Sometimes smoke (and its falling ash) comes to Kagoshima City, but it frequency is much lower than Kanoya City.


Which places has the most ash in Kagoshima?

I have lived in the Satsuma Peninsula. (West of Mt.Sakurajima)
My grandmother told me that people of Osumi Peninsura (East of Mt.Sakurajima) are very kind and nice. If neighbors married a girl from Osumi Peninsula, she said that the groom was envied by many people.

Is there a relation between ash and humanity?
I think personalty that many of my friends are kind and nice indeed.


Today’s “Do you know?”
Many people don’t know about this, but Mt.Sakurajima is one of three most unique landscapes in the world (There are many other theories, though). Other 2 places are as follows:

①Onioshidashi(Tumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture)
The village is famous for the production of cabbage.
I studied about the village when I was in junior-high school.


②Il monte Vesuvio (Italy)
For your information, the volcano is located in Napoli and Napoli city and Kagoshima City are sister cities.

According to the theory, 2 mos unique places concentrate in Japan. I think that there are many wonderful national parks in the US but none of them lists here. It is a bit strange…
But, as a native Kagoshima person, I hope that everyone remember that Mr.Sakurajima is one of the best places in the world.