Hioki City

Hot Springs

Midoriso Spa – Enjoy Natural Hot Spring of Fukiage Onsen Spa –

Why not enjoy relaxing bath time at the beautiful bank of a pond. Japan's great writer Saito Mokichi loved the spa very ...
Hot Springs

Nakajima Onsen Ryokan – Famous Historical Spa of Saigo Takamori –

Historical hero Mr. Saigo Takamori loved Fukiage Onsen Area. It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City.

Japanese Style Cafe “HIYORI” – Delicious Seasonal Foods & Nice Hospitality –

The weather was lovely and we enjoyed driving at south of Satsuma Peninsula. We dropped by a Japanese style cafe "Hiyori...
History & Culture

Shimazu Yoshihiro – Statue at JR Ijuin Station –

We walked around JR Ijuin Station on our way from Kagoshima City to Hioki City. Nice Samurai Statue and delicious Manju ...