Mt. Ono-dake : Panoramatic View of South Satsuma Peninsula (Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, Japan)



You can have the wonderful view of southern part of Satsuma Peninsula from Mt. Ono-dake (Minami-kyushu City).


Drive to Mt. Ono-dake

Mt. Ono-dake is located at Ei town, Minami-kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

I got up early to see the morning view from the top of Mt. Ono-dake.

Mt. Oono

You can drive to the place near the top of Mt. Ono-dake.

The driving to Mt. Ono-dake is very pleasant if the weather if fine.

Mt. Ono-dake

You can walk the place which is very close to the top of Mt. Ono-dake.

parking lot

I arrived at the parking lot. You can go to higher parking lot from the right road (above picture).


parking lot

You can walk to the top of Mt. Ono-dake from the parking lot.



There is a nice besides near the parking lot.

Blue sky and green lawns spread and I feel as if I can walk to the sky.


 lake Ikeda and mt. kaimon-dake viewd from ono-dake

I took the rest at the table.

The morning scenery was a bit blurred because of mist, but I could see beautiful scenery of Mt. Kaimon-dake and Lake Ikeda.

Please have a look at following pictures which I took from here.


Mt. Kaimon-dake

 Mt. Kaimon-dake viewed from Mt. Ono-dake

Mt. Kaimon-dake is 924 meter above sea level.

It has the nickname of Satsumafuji or the Mt. Fuji at Satsuma Peninsula.


Mt. Kaimon-dake viewed from Mt. Ono-dake


Lake Ikeda


Lake Ikeda is the beautiful caldera lake in Ibusuki City.

Morning sunlight is beautifully reflected on the water surface.

lake ikeda viewed from Mt. Ono-dake

Ono-dake Shrine is located next to the parking lot.


Chaju Steps

After viewing wonderful scenery, I took the stairs to the top of the mountain.

108 years old is called “Chaju” in Japanese. So, the 108 steps is called “Chaju Steps”.

“Cha” means green tea in Japanese language. Minami-kyushu City is famous for the production of green tea.

chaju sando

The path to the Chaju Steps is called Chaju Sando or birth canal to the starting point of 108 years old.

chaju steps

Above picture is the starting point of Chaju Steps.


Mt. Kaimon viewed from Chaju Steps  

Mt. Kaimon viewed from Chaju Steps.

While climbing the stairs, please stop at the stair of your age to look back your life and think about your future.


Chaju Steps 

I stopped at the 35th step which is my age.


words at 40 years old


Each name of important ages is curved on the stone.


Those stones include Kanreki (60 years old), Kiju (77 years old) and Beiju (88 years old).


Chaju Step



Above stone means 108 years old.

I finally finished climbing 108 steps!

I hope I will be alive until 108 years old.


Shiroro Observatory

It took me about 5 minutes from the parking lot to this observatory.

The name “Shishiro” is named after the height of Mt. Ono-dake(466m). shiroro observatory

I enjoyed the beautiful view of southern Satsuma Peninsula.

mt. kaimon and lake ikeda

Mt. Kaimon and lake Ikeda.


scenery from the top of mt. ono-dake

North east of Mt. Ono-dake. Wide field of green tea spreads.


north of Mt. Ono-dake

North of Mt. Ono-dake.

If the weather is fine, you can see Mt. Sakurajima.


north west of Mt. Ono-dake

North west of Mt. Ono-dake.


 southern coast line of Satsuma Peninsula

Southern coast line of Satsuma Peninsula.

I am going to come here in evening next time. Please look forward to update!


Sunset Time

I visited Mt. Oon at sunset time.

Sunset view of Mt. Oono


Sunset view of Lake Ikeda and Mt. Kaimon from Mt. Oono.

Sunset of Lake Ikeda and Mt. Oono


Beautiful line of Mt. Kaimon goes down to East China Ocean.

Sunset view of Mt. Kaimon from Mt. Oono


Personally I love the sunset view from Mt. Oono more than morning view.

Sunset view of Mt. Kaimon from Mt. Oono


Sunset view of Lake Ikeda. I could see Osumi Peninsula over the lake.

Sunset view of Lake Ikeda from Mt. Oono


I took the following picture of east of Mt. Oono from Shiroro Observatory (top of Mt. Oono) .

It was early January. It was so windy that I felt as if the wind would cut my years.

Instead of coldness, I could enjoy this great view.

Sunst view of Mt. Kaimon from Mt. Oono


This is the northern view from the top of Mt. Oono.

Green tea fields spreds at the skirt of Mt. Oono.

Sunset view from the top of Mt. Oono


Beautiful sunsets was going down to at the west. The coalst line of Satsuma Peninsula was beautiful.

Sunset view from Mt. Oono

I hope you will also climb the Mt Oono at sunset time and enjoy its great view!


Video (View from Mt. Ono-dake)

Beautiful morning view from the top of Mt. Oono.

Great sunset view from the top of Mt. Oono.


Travel Spots near Mt. Ono-dake

It takes about 20 minutes from Mt. Ono-dake.



Lunch Spot near Mt. Ono-dake

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Information of Mt. Ono-dake


・About 15 minutes from Ei IC of Ibusuki Sky Line.
・About 20 minutes from Banshobana Park.


Wonderful view of Satsuma Peninsula



Natural Beauty