Travel Guide of Kagoshima Japan

Bakery “Mikaerudo” – Long Tradition, Loved by Local People in Kagoshima City –


I introduce a local bakery "Mikaerudo" at Kagoshima City. The bakery has been popular among local people ove 65 years.…

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Cafe “Chanonke” – Enjoy Parfait and Tea Holiday Afternoon -(Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City)

We discovered a nice restaurant of delicious parfait and green tea. If you love sweets, this is the place you should vis…

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Japanese Style Cafe “HIYORI” – Delicious Seasonal Foods & Nice Hospitality –


The weather was lovely and we enjoyed driving at south of Satsuma Peninsula. We dropped by a Japanese style cafe "Hiyori…

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Former Kagoshima Foreigner Engineer’s Residence – Starting Point of Japan’s Industrial Revolution –

The residence is the important world cultural heritage near Sengan-en Park. The residence was used by English engineers …

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Natural Hot Spring near Tenmonkan – Enjoy Spa at the middle of Kagoshima City –

I introduce 5 popular hot springs in Kagoshima City. All of them are popular among local people in Kagoshima. Please ref…

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Local Shrimp Hamburger of “EBIYA-YOSHI” – Eat Diamonds of Kagoshima Bay –

We happened to find the local shop which sells hamburgers made of local shrimps. when we were driving along the western …

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Kagoshima Drive Model Course


I introduce you nice driving model courses when you travel in Kagoshima, Japan. (more…)…

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Kanmuridake Spa – Enjoy taking Hot Spring with Great Mountainous Scenery! –

We visited a hot spring deep in mountain. It was wonderful to take natural hot bath while enjoying the view of sunset mo…

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AIRA-SANRYO – Spiritual Power Spot at Kanoya City –

 The tomb of the parents of first emperor is Aira-Sanryo, which is located at Kanoya City. The atmosphere of the tomb fi…

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【Half Day Travel】 Driving Model Course of Kirishima City Area

I introduce our family's half day driving course at Kirishima area.I hope this article will be of your help when you t…

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I am Sho, born and bred in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Kagoshima is the wonderful place to enjoy great scenery, delicious food and warm-hearted people. I would be happy if you get interested in Kagoshima through this blog. Please send me e-mail if you have any questions about Kagoshima Trip.

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