Delicious Bakery Shops in Kagoshima, Japan


This article introduces delicious bakery shops in Kagoshima, Japan.

* We marked ☆ on the shop in which you can eat in.



Kagoshima Bakery Map

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Kagoshima City

Robin Hood

Coffee Sand is delicious!


Michael Do

The shop is popular among local people. Fried bread is popular.


Orange Bakery

There are many kinds of bread and some official organizations subscribe to its bread.


Parasso Ishiki New Town Branch

You can have bread in buffet style.


Seigetsu Bakery

The bakery brovides primary school with bread. Melon bread is very popular.


tak bageri-cafe

The bakery is located in residential are and is popular among local people.


Le HeDONIE Du Pain

Croissant is very popular.


Petit Roepos

The bakery is near Arata Hachiman Shrine.



The bakery has a long history in Kagoshima.



The bakery is popular among local people.


Bakery Hacos Ishiki New Town Branch

Cranberry cheese is very delicious.


Ota Bakery

Simple but delicous taste has captivated the hearts of Kagoshima people.


Mimatsu Pan

White bread is the most popular but other bread is also nice!


De La Coppe

The bakery sells many kinds of bread rolls!


Kirishima City

Melon de Melon

Crispy texture of melon bread is nice!


Hioki City

Karu Coppe

Bread rolls are smiling?


Kanoya City

☆Cocoa Bakery Cafe

The bakery is popular among local people.



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