Japanese Tradition “Dog’s Day” for Pregnant – Pray for Safe Birth for Baby –




Pray for Safe Birth

Today is the Dog’s Day. I took my wife to the famous shrine “Myoken Jinja” in Kagoshima City and prayed for the safe birth of baby.
I took the video of my wife’s rolling up her body with a long white cloth.

Her stomach was wrapped by the cloth like a mummy!


What is Dog’s Day?

When my wife used the term “Dog’s Day” in our conversation, I was at a loss for words because I didn’t what she was talking about.


In Japan, when 5 months pass after a woman get pregnant, she rolls up her day on the Dog’s Day in hope for a safe birth of her baby. This is the indigenous culture in Japan. I have been Japanese for 34 years, but it is my first time to learn the true meaning of Dog’s Day. How embarrassing I am as a Japanese! 



Why is it Dog?

When a dog delivers puppies, it usually has not single puppy but several babies at the same time.


In addition, the dog’s birth is very smooth without problems. So, the Dog’s Day is the best time to pray for the safe birth.



When is Dog’s Day?

There are twelve kinds of animals in Oriental Zodiac. Dog’s day comes once in every 12 days.



Why Roll with Cloth?

Firstly you can keep your stomach warm and protect from your stomach from cold air.


Secondly, you can prevent low back pain. I am a man with a frequent back pain, so I feel like trying the same white cloth as my wife rolls herself up…

We had a nice Dog’s Day today. I hope for the safe birth of our child!



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