Iso Kogei Kan – Beautiful Gallery of Traditional Glass Art (Satsuma Kiriko) –


Satsuma Kiriko is the traditional glass art of Kagoshima. You can see those beautiful glasses at the Satsuma Kiriko Museum near Senganen Park (Kagoshima City, Japan)




They are glass but look like living flowers!

Satsuma Kiriko Glass

Satsuma-Kiriko is the traditional glass art in Kagoshima.

This glass was invented as an exporting good to other countries in 19th century.

I am sure that SATSUMA-KIRIKO will captivate you with its shining beauty.



This museum is located near the SENGANEN Park.

The entrance to this museum and factory is free of charge.

You can also see professionals making SATSUMA-KIRIKO at their factory.


Satsuma Kiriko Glass

Hina-Matsuri (Girls Day) Style

Left blue glass is the emperor and right red one is princess.





Information of Iso Kogei Kan


Bus…Take Kagoshima City View Bus and get off at “Senganen-Mae”.

The bus fare is about 190 yen. It takes about 30 minutes.

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