KAMAFUTA SHRINE – Put lid on head to make your dream come true! – (Minamikyushu City)



When we drive to the south of the Satsuma Peninsula, we dropped by a KAMAFUTA shrine. Official name of the shrine is called “Itate Tsuwamono Nushi Jinja (Shrine)”.


Worshiped God

The shrine worships the God “SUSANOO”.

“SUSANOO” is famous for defeating the legendary monster “Yamatano-Orochi” (8 headed dragon).

Battle of Susanoo & Yamatanoorochi

source: wikipedia

Because SUSANOO is the God is good at the battle, many Japanese and foreign sports athletes have visited the shrine.

There are many signatures and photos of those athletes on the shrine’s wall.

During the World War II, because it was said that the visits to the shrine would enable them to return home safely, many soldiers had visited the shrine before they went to battlefields.


Interesting Practice of the Shrine

Prayer manner at the shrine is very unique compared to other shrines in Japan.

First, you put the lid of Japanese traditional pot on your head.

Your dream is said to come true if you can walk with the lid on your head from the shrine gate to the building.


My wife challenged this difficult mission!

start from shrine gate

Sometimes the sea breeze is strong and it can be very hard to keep it on your head.

see breeze make the mission diffiucult

She reached the building successfully!

successful goal

There is a special big lid for couples.

Big Lid

My wife chose the big lid (for couple). Its size is twice as big as normal one.

I thought that she had chosen it to carry it with me, but…

put lid on head under shrine gate

She carried the big lid alone. 🙂

How powerful she is!

She successfully reached the shrine building!

It will be fun if you take your loved one to the shrine and make this unique prayer of this shrine.

Cape of Hope

Cape of Hope is just behind of the Kamafuta Shrine.

This backyard of the shrine is one of the spiritual power spots in Kagoshima.

The place is called “Kibo-no-misaki” or the Cape of Hope. You can have a great view of Mt. Kaimon (924 m) and East China Ocean.

Mt. Kaimon from Kamafuta Shrine

My wife says that she can regain mental energy at the cape when she comes here.

My friend has practices Hula dance over 10 years. She danced Hula at the cape. She looks so beautiful!


Shrine Seal



Travel Spots near Shrine

Banshobana Park


Shrine Information


About 1.5 hour from Kagoshima City by car. Free parking lot is available.

Get off train at JR Ei-Okawa Station and walk about 10 minutes.

Open Hour



6827 Beppu, Eicho, Minamikyushu City


Put Lid on Head for Prayer



Shrine & Temple
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