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Visited Kirishima Jingu Shrine in May

It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City to Kirishima Jingu Shrine by car.

I have visited the shrine 5 years ago to celebrate my sister’s marriage.

Meiji Restoration’s great contributor, Mr. Ryoma Sakamoto also visited a shrine on his honeymoon.

I want to get a good luck for marriage just like my sister and Ryoma (Is it a good reason to visit the sacred shrine?)

kirishima jingu shrine gate



Outline of Kirishima Jingu Shrine

The shrine worships God Ninigi, who is the grandson of God Amaterasu. He brought 3 sacred objects from heaven and those objects have been passed in Japanese royal families from generation to generation.

Kirishima is the place where Ninigi arrived on the Japan’s land for the first time as ordered by Amaterasu.

For your reference, God Ninigi is the great-grandfather of 1st Japanese emperor. *Current Japanese emperor is 125th emperor.

The shrine is very the place where Japanese history started.

kirishima jingu visit road



Huge Cedar Tree

I found the very big cedar tree in the shrine. Big sacred rope surrounds the body of the tree.

The size of the tree impresses you. 

I have never imagined that the cedar tree grows to this size. The age of the tree is about 800 years old.




Sacred Stamp of Kirishima Jingu Shrine

When I visit shrines, I make it a practice to collect the shrine’s stamps. Each shrine has distinctive stamp and those stamps keep away evil spirit from me.

The Chinese character of the stamp writes, “The place of God’ grandson arrived”. The grandson is God Ninigi.

Can you see the stairs at the back of the shrine building? I heard that the public people can go up the stairs at the special occasions.



Shrine Video

We visited the shrine on a rainy day.

Rain creates solemn atmosphere.



1) Kirishima Jingu shrines worships God Ninigi, the ancestor of Japanese emperors.

2) The sacred cedar tree is 800-year-old.

3) Japanese historical hero Mr. Ryoma Sakamoto visited the shrine on his honeymoon.


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