Comparison of Mt.Fuji and Mt.Sakurajima! Come to wonderful Kagoshima, Japan!


Sakurajima Floating on Clouds?

I took the video of Sakurajima on my way to workplace. Today’s Sakurajima is very beautiful, too!

Thin white clouds are floating over Kagoshima (Kinko) Bay. The clouds create beautiful scenery as if Sakurajima is floats over the clouds.

I feel my heart gets clear to see this wonderful scenery in the morning.


Beautiful Volcano with Cloud’s Sea!

When it comes to cloud’s sea, Mt. Fuji is very famous the world over.

I just found an astonishing photo of Mt.Fuji.

Mt.Fuji Source:

Woh…it is just the symbol of Japan. The scenery is very glorious and sacred. No wonder ancient Japanese believed Gods live on Mt.Fuji.

But, this morning’s Mt. Sakurajima is also wonderful as as beautiful as Mt.Fuji. I am proud of this wonderful mountain in my hometown, Kagoshima!


The appearance of Mt.Fuji is feminine and calm. while that of Sakurajima is manly and full of energy and strength!

I am very lucky to be born in this Kagoshima where this volcano is located.


7 months after I started this Blog…

I came to the current apartment on 1st July. It has passed almost a month.

The view of Sakurajima has greatly improved compared to my previous apartment.

Time flies. As many as 7 months have passed since I started this blog.

I will continue to disseminate the beauty of Sakurajima and attractiveness of Kagoshima to the world.



Kagoshima Love!