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Japanese Tradition “Dog’s Day” for Pregnant – Pray for Safe Birth for Baby –

Pray for Safe BirthToday is the Dog's Day. I took my wife to the famous shrine "Myoken Jinja" in Kagoshima City and pray…

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Kagoshima Beer produced by Kirin


Kagoshima people are said to be very strong in drinking alcohol. This is because the production of Shochu (potato alcoho…

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UNATTENDED Egg Shop in countryside of Kagoshima

UNIQUE SHOPS in Rural Areas in JAPANWhen you drive in rural area in Japan, you may find many kinds of thos…

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SUSHI BAR’s Unique Delivery System! Check out before you travel to Japan!


Please check out this Sushi restaurant system before you travel to Japan so as not to get embarrassed!…

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SUSHI Going Around Machine! You can take what you want to eat!


UNIQUE RESTAURANTSushi is going around on conveyors.You can select and take what you want.There are so many …

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Don’t you think it Great? BONSAI (Dwarf Trees) & Flowers Arts! They are Put in LAVA Pots!

Bonsai is a famous Japanese art.It is a potted miniature tree. It is usually very expensive.These Bonsai and f…

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Various SHIROKUMA Ice Cream in Kagoshima, Japan


SHIROKUMA is the representative dessert of Kagoshima Prefecture. (more…)…

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Old Japanese Leisure! Physical Power Competition! Can you lift up over 100 kg stones?

OLD CUSTOM at KAGOSHIMA FESTIVALThere are several over 100 kg stones in the garden of Ichinomiya Shrine in Kagoshima…

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Lessons at Japanese Shrine (Shinto Prayer Manner)

A visit to ShrineWhen you enter the shrine, you have to wash your hands, because Shinto religion hates impurity.Th…

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Unique Vending Machines in Kagoshima, Japan


 Like other prefectures in Japan, there are many unique vending machines in Kagoshima. To what extent you know about Jap…

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