Ibusuki City

Natural Beauty

Breathtaking View! Secret Tourist Spot in Kagoshima! Mirror Lake reflecting Mt. KAIMON!

This lake is located in Ibusuki City. This mirror-like lake reflects Mt.Kaimon beautifully. Just breathtaking....
History & Culture

“TAMANOI” – oldest well in Japan – (Ibusuki City)

The oldest Japanese well is said to be locatd in Kaimon town of Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan.
Natural Beauty

Welcome Travelers! Panorama View of Southern Resort City IBUSUKI and Romantic Chiringashima Island

* If you want to have good scenery of Ibusuki City, it is best to go to the top of Uomidake (Mr. Uomi). It is also g...
Shrine & Temple

Introduction of HIRAKIKI Shrine – Spiritual Shrine in Ibusuki City. Jolly Traditional Festivals –

Hirakiki Shrine is the 1st shrine in Satsuma region of Kagoshima Prefecture.
Natural Beauty

Most Beautiful Mountain ! Mt. Kaimon-dake with 1 big secret scary story… : Place to Visit and Climb during Japan Trip

* The Mt. Kaimon is the symbol of my hometown. Also, she is one of 100 greatest mountains in Japan. * Hight is a...