Most Beautiful Mountain ! Mt. Kaimon-dake with 1 big secret scary story… : Place to Visit and Climb during Japan Trip



* The Mt. Kaimon is the symbol of my hometown.
Also, she is one of 100 greatest mountains in Japan.

* Hight is about 900 meters. It takes about 2 and half hours to climb up to the summit.
From the summit, you can have the great landscape of Satsuma Peninsula and East China Sea.

* Because of its beautiful shape, the mountain is called Satsuma’s Mt. Fuji.

* It used to as the important geographical point for US air force to attack Japan Mainland during World War 2.

* There is an old scary “KAIMON TUNNELS” with no lights behind Mr. Kaimon. It is said that ghosts can been seen there for many years… If you have enough courage, give it a try and walk through the tunnel!



Natural Beauty
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