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Yagoro-Don Festival – Dynamic Marching of Legendary Giant – (Soo City)


I went to a famous festival "Yagoro-don Festival" at Soo City of Osumi Peninsula. The festival is held from 3rd to 5th N…

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Autumn Tree Market (2016) – Green Oasis in Kagoshima City –

Tree market is held at the bank of Kotsuki River in spring and autumn of every year. Many poeple visit the market to enj…

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“Soga-don Kasayaki” Festival 2016 – Burning Umbrella Tower on Kotsuki River – (Kagoshima City)

Kagoshima's 3 big traditional events are said to be "Sogadon's Kasayaki", "Myoenji Temple Visit" and "Discussion on Loya…

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Ogiongsa Festival (2016) – Big Traditional Event in Kagoshima –

Ogionsa has been the traditional festival in Kagoshima since Edo period for the health and prosperity of people. As many…

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Introduction of Kagoshima Food Festival – Enjoy 80 SHOCHU with Famous Local Foods –

Kagoshima is proud of fresh meats and vegetables. They are very delicious! My wife and I went to the Kagoshima Food Cult…

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OHARA Festival in Kagoshima – Let’s Dance and Drink Shochu with Local People –

My wife and I went to Ohara Festival, the most famous festival in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan!Watch the following vide…

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FUKIAGE SAND FESTIVAL – Beautiful Sandy Statues at Fukiage Beach, Kagoshima –

Finaly I could vidit Sand Festival!Sand Statue Festival is held every May at Fukuage Beach in Kagoshima Prefecture.Many …

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