Satsuma Kiriko Illumination of Amu Plaza Kagoshima @ Kagoshima City, Japan


When winter comes, a huge illumination is lighted up at Amu Plaza Kagoshima of Kagoshima Chuo Station.



Huge Satsuma Kiriko

Satsuma Kiriko is the traditional art of Kagoshima.

It has been made since the end of Edo Era (mid of the 19 century) and captivated the hearts of many people.

When winter comes, the huge Satsuma Kiriko appears just in front of Kagoshima Chuo Station and welcomes those who arrived at Kagoshima Chuo Station.


The illumination changes its color as the time passes in the same way with the real Satsuma Kiriko.


Many small shops appear near the illumination.


Our 8 months daughter was also delighted at the illumination.


Why not see this illumination with your family or friends?

It will be a good memory.


Illumination Information

Illumination Period

December to mid of January

Illumination Time



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