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Nakamura Shinya Art Museum at Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces Nakamura Shinya Art Museum at Kagoshima Citym Japan.Nakamura Shinya is one of the most famous …

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Wonderful View “Heikejo Observatory” at Io Island, Kagoshima, Japan


This article introduces Heikejo Observatory in north of Io Island, Kagoshima, Japan.The observatory faces rocky Mt. Io…

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Statue of Komatsu Tatewaki (Kagoshima City) Great Contributor to Meiji Restoration

Statue of Komatsu Tatewaki stands face to face with that of Saigo Takamori. (more…)…

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Death Site of Saigo Takamori (Historical Hero of Kagoshima, Japan)

This article introduces the place where Saigo Takamori died at Seinan Civil War (1877). The battle place has now turned …

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Statue of Hirata Yukie – Hero of Mino,Ise and Owari –

Hirata Yuhie's house was located at the current Hirata Park (Hirano-cho, Kagoshima City).He was the commander of flood w…

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Former Kagoshima Foreigner Engineer’s Residence – Starting Point of Japan’s Industrial Revolution –

The residence is the important world cultural heritage near Sengan-en Park. The residence was used by English engineers …

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2018 NHK Taiga Drama “Segodon (Saigo Takamori)” (now updating)

NHK Taiga Drama in 2018 is Saigo Takamori.He is the great contributor to the modernization of Japan and a historical h…

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Statue of Okubo Toshimichi – Friend and Rival of Saigo Takamori –

When it comes to Kagoshima, many Japanese people think of Saigo Takamori and him. (more…)…

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Gionnosu Park – Monument of St. Xavier’s Landing on Kagoshima & Origin of Japanese Traditional Song “Warehauminoko” –

The park is located at the northern part of Kagoshima City and the place of recreation and relaxation for citizens. Ther…

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Memorial of Loyal Retainers of Satsuma Domain – Great Ancestors of Kagoshima –

80 Satsuma domains retainers lost lives for the water control work of other prefectures. I felt a strong friendship betw…

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