Statue of Hirata Yukie – Hero of Mino,Ise and Owari –



Hirata Yuhie’s house was located at the current Hirata Park (Hirano-cho, Kagoshima City).He was the commander of flood works of Kiso Riyer.I introduce his great contribution.



Hirata Yukie was born at Hiranocho, Kagoshima City in 1704.

He succeeded to his house at the age of 31.

After working at Edo (current Tokyo) for a while, he came back to Satsuma Domain (current Kagoshima) and was promoted to Karo (Chief Retainer).


Horeki River Improvement Work

At that time, the trade with Ryukyu (current Okinawa Prefecture) had provided Satsuma Domain with a large profit. The Tokugawa military government was afraid of the Satsuma Domain for its finanial strength which could overthrow the government.

The Tokugawa military government ordered Shimadzu Shigetoshi (24th leader of Shimadzu Clan) to tackle with flood prevention works  of Kiso River, Nagara River and  Ibi River at the expense of the Satsuma Domain. Those three rivers are located at the current Aich and Gifu Prefectures.

The government also told Satsuma Domain not to use professional employees such as carpenters.

Satsuma Domain dispatched as many as 1,000 workers for the works.

Hirata Yukie was nominated as the leader of the works.

During the work, they met many problems. For example, the officers of the government interfered the work. Epidemic diseases spread among workers and killed them. They suffered the luck of budget.

It took about 2 years to finish the work. Just after completion of the work, Hirata Yasue commited suicide at Omaki in 1755 to take responsibility for loss of many lives and huge deficit (some people argues that he died of disease), Memorial service has been held for them at Hirata Park in every May.


Farewell Poem

I translated his farewell poem as follows:

It is a shame that I die at Omaki and never return to my dear hometown.

He and his subordinates sacrificed their lives for their hometown, Satsuma Domain and those who were saved from the floods.・・。


Site of Hirata’s Home

Hirata Yukie’s house has changed to a park in the residential area of Kagoshima City.


entrance of hirata park


Statue of Hirata Yukie

statue of hirata yukie

statue of hirata yukie

statue of hirata yukie

Farewll poem of Hirata is curved on the monumental rock.

farewell poem

hirata park

Many memorial trees have been planted at the park by those who pay respects to Hirata Yukie.


Travel Information


  • Car…10 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station.
  • Foot…15 minuetes from Kagoshima Chuo Station.
  • Kagorine Bicycle…5 minutes from the statur of Okubo Toshimichi


Hiranocho, Kagoshima Cityu



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