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Kirishima Shinsui Gorge Course at Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan.


This article iintroduces Kirishima Shinsui Gorge.How about walking throught beautiful nature of Kirishima?When you v…

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Beautiful Cosmos Flowers of Jigenji Park @ Kagoshima City


This article introduces cosmos flowers of Jigenji park at Kagoshima City.When autums (October - November) come, beauti…

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Exciting Caving Tour in Okinoerabu Island, Kagoshima, Japan

caving tour

Okinoerabu Island is located at the southeast of Japan's mainlands. It takes 1hour and 10 minutes from Kagoshima Airport…

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Mt. Ono-dake : Panoramatic View of South Satsuma Peninsula (Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, Japan)

You can have the wonderful view of southern part of Satsuma Peninsula from Mt. Ono-dake (Minami-kyushu City). (more&he…

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Introduction of “Cape Sata” – Southernmost of Japan’s Mainland –

I introduce the southernmost of Japanese mainland, Cape Sata. Panoramic view of Pacific Ocean from the steep rocks is wo…

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Shiroyama Observatory : View of Volcano Sakurajima and Kagoshima City

This is the nice place to enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima City.Also, there are many souveni…

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Ogawa Waterfall – Spectacular Natural Beauty in Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima, Japan –

 We visited Ogawa Waterfall of Minamiosumi Town. The beautiful scenery of the waterfall is breathtaking! Please visit th…

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Active Volcano Mt.Sakurajima is fragile? who is his/her mother?

Active Volcano Mt.SakurajimaIn 2015, the volcano Sakurajima keeps erupting more than 100 times a month.According to the …

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Kagoshima’s Volcanoes getting Active! Enormous Eruption will occur soon…?

Showa Crater of Mt.Sakurajima(quote: Earthquake ocurred at Kuchinoerabu IslandTh…

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Beautiful Volcanoes in Kagoshima – Mt.Sakurajima and Mt.Kaimon –

Crater of Sakurajima close to City!Recently Japanese volcanoes are very active.Kuchinoerabu Island, Hakone Mountain, Mt.…

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