Ogawa Waterfall – Spectacular Natural Beauty in Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima, Japan –



 We visited Ogawa Waterfall of Minamiosumi Town. The beautiful scenery of the waterfall is breathtaking! Please visit the place if you have never been there.


Walking Along Ogawa River

We turned left to mountain side at the crossroad of Kinkocho City Hall. Then it took about 5 minutes to arrive at the free parking lot of Ogawa Waterfall..

We walked about 1,200m until we reached the waterfall. It was a good mercerize to walk in forests. Please wear trekking wears and shoes when you visit the place. Some places of the road can be muddy.

Ogawa Waterfall

You can put your legs into water at some places of the river. But it is prohibited to swim.

Hash flow of Ogawa River.

Ogawa Waterfall

Nature of the river is untouched by human. The air is full of relaxing atmosphere.

Ogawa Waterfall

The fresh water is springing up at many places along the river. The water is very cold!

Ogawa Waterfall

Water of the Ogawa River is very transparent. Sands are flowing at the bottom of the river.


Ogawa Waterfall – Beautiful Place –

We finally arrived at the waterfall. The height of the waterfall is 46m and width is 60m.

  • Be noted that it is prohibited to swim at this place.

Ogawa Waterfall

Above picture is taken by wife. She is a good photographer.


Unfortunately it was prohibited to walk onto the beach at our back for safety reason.

(Following picture was taken from the sky. What a wonderful scenery!)

Ogawa Waterfall



I am trying to push her into the river by joke.

There are some places where you can put your legs in water along the road to the waterfall.

Ogawa Waterfall

We felt as if we returned to our childhood. We really really love the nature of Osumi Area of Kagoshima Prefecture. Splendid!

I am from Ibusuki City, though. I remember that I enjoyed catching fishes and shrimps and chasing birds at the river of my hometown.

If I discover other wonderful nature in Kagoshima, I introduce it to you at this blog.


Waterfall Video

I took the video of the waterfall. I hope you will enjoy and watch the movie and grasp the dream-like atmosphere of the place.

I have never imagined such a beautiful place existed in this world.


Waterfall Information


2.5 hours car drive from Kagoshima City via Sakurajima Ferry or Tarumizu Ferry.


Breathtaking Beautiful Waterfall

We had a joyful time as if we returned to our childhood. I would like to show you nice photos of the river and the waterfall.


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