Mt.KAIMON reflected on KAGAMI LAKE – Beautiful Scenery of Kagoshima, Japan –




Few foreign travelers have visited this beautiful place, since many travel guide books MISS this place.

The name of the pond, “Kagami-Ike”, literally means “Mirror Pond” in Japanese.

If weather is fine, the surface of the pond becomes “mirror” and reflects blue sky and Mt. Kaimon on it.



This pond was used to be a volcanic crater before it was filled with water.

Neaby Lake IKEDA is known as the biggest lake in Kyushu Island. Lake IKEDA is also known as the ex-volcano lake.

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The diameter of the pond is about 140m.

You cannot walk on the bank of the pond for safety.


View Mt.Kaimon from East Side

I took the video of the beautiful volcano from east side.

There is a hot spring on the eastern foot of the volcano. 

I enjoyed swimming in a warm warter of the hot spring with my wife!

Water is colored yellow and has the smell of hot spring.

I felt very healthy after swimming in the water.