Sand Bath “SAYURI” (Ibusuki City, Kagoshima)



It is wonderful to take the sand bath at Sayuri which is located at Yamagawa town of Ibusuki City.



Speaking of Ibusuki, many people will think about unique “Sand Bath”.

Sand Bath “Sayuri” is famous in Ibusuki City, but did you know there is another wonderful sand bath at Yamagawa Town?

entrance of sand bath Sayuri

It is relaxing to lay on beach while being covered by sand.

Also, sand bath is the also popular for its effect on skin beauty.

Sand bath improves your metabolism and you can lose your weight!

How to take Sand Bath

Recently many foreign travlers have come to this bath.

They can read the explanation boards which tell them about how to take the sand bath.

1.Please buy a ticket at the machine. The ticket is 920 yen for adult. Then exchange the ticket with bath clothes with the ticket. You also need a towel but you cay buy it at the counter.

2.Change clothes and go outside to take the bath. For your reference, it is common for Japanese that men fasten the clothe on the waist while ladies do on stomach.


3.Lay on beach. Bite the towel so that sond won’t enter your mouth.

beach of sand bath Sayuri

4. Staff put sand on your body. Maybe it might be heavy for you, but you will soon get used to the heat. If sunlight was too bright, please tell staff to open a small umbrella.

5. You can also ask staff to take a picture. Staff are all kind. 🙂

beach of sand bath Sayuri

6. Lay on beach for 15 – 20 minutes. Check the time by the clock which stands in front of you. It depends on each person, but I sweated a lot. It is very comfortable.

clock for

7.Take off sands by shower. Please drink enough amount of water after taking clothes.



Sume- Natural Steamer –

There are natural steamers in front of Sayuri. They are called Sume.

Local people have used Sume to cook fish, meat, egg and vegetables.

You can have red egg and potatoes at Sayuri.

Red egg is only 50 yen. It is quite cheap!

sume of sayuri red egg


You can also enjoy steamed potatoes.

You can buy 2 potatoes for onlyu 50 yen!

steamed potatoes of sayuri


It is very delicious!

steamed potatoes of sayuri


Both egg and potatoes have the flavor of natural hot spring.

Put salt, bonito powder or peppers if you like.

salt, bonito powder, pepper

We enjoyed having red eggs and potatoes while watching beautiful East China Ocean.


Vide of Sume

Vide of Having Steamed Eggs


Beatiful Mt. Kaimon from Sayuri

I took the following picture at Sayuri in the morning.

mountain Kaimon viewd from Sayuri


Following picture is the evening view of Mt.Kaimon viewed from Sayuri.

Sunset is really beautiful!

evening view of mountain Kaimon viewed from Sayuri


You can enjoy a spectacular ocean view.

Please watch and enjoy the following video!

Sand bath is especially comfortable during the winter season.


Sand Bath Sayuri


About 1.5 hours from Kagoshima City via Route 226 by car

Open Hour

09:00 – 17:30 (until 19:00 from July to September)


Adult 920 yen, Child (less than 12) 560 yen




3339-3 Fukumoto, Yamagawa, Ibusuki City


Great Ocean View


Nearby Spa

The open air bath has won 1st prize at Tripviser.

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