Kagoshima City


Lu Piccola @Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City

This shop is popular for delicious biscuits and tarts.

New Kagoshima Food Restaurant”Basket Case” Course Lunch

This article introduces the Kagoshima food restaurant "Basket Case" near Kagoshima Chuo Station.
Experience & Leisure

Sakurajima Nature Dinosaur Park – Nice Place for Family Travelers with Small Children –

Do you know the park with many dinosaurs at Sakurajima? It is nice to have a relaxing time at the skirt of Sakurajima. ...

Yunohira Observatory – Wonderful Ocean View from Sakurajima -Kagoshima City, Japan

Yunohira Observatory is 373 meter above sea level, which is the highest point where human can reach at Sakurajima (1,117...

Sakurajima Ferry Yorimichi Cruise

Yorimichi Cruise is the about 50 minutes cruise from Kagoshima City to Sakurajima. Normal Sakurajima ferry takes only 1...
History & Culture

Death Site of Saigo Takamori (Historical Hero of Kagoshima, Japan)

This article introduces the place where Saigo Takamori died at Seinan Civil War (1877). The battle place has now turned ...

Cafe OZUNU – Nice Restaurant near Kagoshima Chuo Station –

Cafe Ozunu is the popular cafe near Kagoshima Chuo Station, Japan. The curry and sand are very delicious!

Restaurant “Ichi-Ni-San” – Enjoy Kagoshima’s Kurobuta Pork –

Restaurant "Ichi-Ni-San" is the nice place where you can eat delicious Kurobuta foods in Kagoshima, Japan!
History & Culture

Statue of Hirata Yukie – Hero of Mino,Ise and Owari –

Hirata Yuhie's house was located at the current Hirata Park (Hirano-cho, Kagoshima City).He was the commander of flood w...
ramen noodle

Nanko Ramen – Nishida, Kagoshima City, Japan –