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Speaking of Kagoshima, you must not miss Kurobuta pork, which is the traditional food of Kagoshima. You can enjoy delicious deep-fried Kurobuta or its Shabushabu reasonably at the restaurant Ichi-Ni-San.



Lunch at Ichi-Ni-San

Restaurant Ichi-Ni-San is located along the riverside of Kotsuki river which flows in the middle of Kagoshima City.

The name of the restaurant Ichi-Ni-San literally means “one, two, three” in English.

Ichi-Ni-San is 10 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by car. If you come by city tram, it is only 5 minutes from the nearest tram station “Takenohashi” by foot.

Following picture is the entrance of Ichi-Ni-San.



The Japanese garden is beautiful.

The contrast of blue sky and green bamboo tree are very beautiful.entrance of ichi-ni-san

entrance of ichi-ni-san


The inside of the restaurant was jolly with many guests.

All seats were occupied, so we wrote our family name on the following sheet.

list sheet


We waited at the following room. The Japanese room was very relaxing.

waiting room of ichi-ni-san


Following picture is the Japanese heat appliance to keep warm.

We felt very warm and comfortable thanks to this appliance. It was cold outside in December.

Japanese heat appliance


We found a colorful plant of Soba in front of reception.

colorful plant of Soba in front of reception


Many unique Kagoshima’s foods are sold at receipt.

All of them are very traditional in Kagoshima.

kagoshima foods


Following bottles are sources for Tonkatsu or deep-fried pork.

You can also use the source for salad.

tonkatsu source


Lunch Menu

We waited while looking at menu at waiting room.

 Menu (Japanese) Content  Price
Kurobuta Yasaimushi Set Kurobuta Pork, Seasonal Vegetables, Seasonal Fruits, Pork Sourp, Steamed Sushi   980 yen
Kurobuta Tonjiru Set Seasonal Vegetables, Seasonal Fruits, Pork Soup, Steames Sushi  950 yen
Mushi Tofu Set Tofu, Seasonal Vegetables, Seasonal Fruits, Pork Soup, Steamed Sushi  850 yen
Kurobutano Barakatsu Set Fried Pirk Libs, Pork Soup, Rice, Pickles 980 yen
Kurobuta Shabukatsu Set Fried Pork Pork Thigh, Grated Raddish, Pork Soup, Rice, Pickles 980 yen
Kurobuta Shabukatsu Set Fried Steamed Pork Thigh, Soba Noodle, Pork Soup,Steamed Sushi 1,000 yen
Kurobuta Tonkatsu Set Deep Fried Pork Loin, Pork Sout, Rice, Pickles 1,350 yen
Nasu Kurobuta Katsu Set Egg Plant and Fried Pork, Rice, Pickles  850 yen
Kurobutano Shogayaki Set Backed Pork with Ginger, Red Miso Soup, Rice, Pickles 1,000 yen
Kurobuta Don Set Rice Bowl of Deep Fried Pork, Red Miso Soup, Pickles 880 yen
Kurobuta Katsudon Set Deep Fried Pork Lib, Red Miso Soup, Pickles 980 yen

There are many kinds of Kurobuta lunch and all look delicious!. It is hard to choose one of them!


Restaurant Atmosphere

After waiting for 10 minutes, shop staff guided us to table seats.

It was lucky that we could sit on seats with sofa, because we were with a small child.

restaurant atmosphere


I heard the conversation of other guests and found that many people were from other prefectures.

According to the shop staff, many foreign guests come here, too!

restaurant atmosphere


Soba tea and pork miso were delivered.

You can purchase the tea and miso at receipt.

Soba tea and pork miso


Many local people in Kagoshima love to eat pork miso with rice.

pork miso

How about buy pork miso as souvenir?


Kurobutano Yasaimushi Set

My wife ordered the following steaming Kurobutano Yasaimushi Set (980 yen).

It is steaming and looks delicious!

Kurobutano Yasaimushi Set

The pork is very soft.

Every bite of those colorful steamed rice invigorate your body!

Steamed pumpkin was also nice.

Kurobutano Yasaimushi Set

We loved the rolled egg especially.


Pork soup is plenty of green onion and ginger.

It is especially delicious in cold winter.

pork soup


Chirashi sushi rice is warm and colorful.

chirashi sushi


I took the video of the delicious lunch for your reference.

Desserts were orange, pineapple and apple.


Kurobuta Shabukatsu Set

I ordered the following Kurobuta Shabukatsu Set(1,000 yen).

Kurobuta Shabukatsu Set

The price is very reasonable.


The color of the soba noodle is white. It means that the restaurant uses only the essential parts of soba beans.

If you put the noodle in your month, nice flavor of soba spreads in your mouth!

soba noodle


Salad and deep-fried Kurobuta pork.

kurobuta cutlet salad

The fried pork is very soft and juicy!




Restaurant Information


  • City Tram…Get off at tram stop “Takenohashi” and walk 5 minutes.
  • Car…15 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by car. Free parking lot is available.

Open Hour

11:00-15:00(Lunch Menu)

11:00-22:00(Main Menu)

※No holiday

Home Page





1-21-1 Arata, Kagoshima City


Enjoy Delicious Kurobuta!


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