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The cafe is only 5 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot. If you love cheeze cake, this is the place you should visit!


Location of Cafe Ozunu

The cafe is next to the airport bus terminal.

It is nice to visit the cafe when you wait for next bus of train.

Please be noted that there is no space to put suit cases at the cafe and it is wise to put the cases at coin lockers at the bus terminal.

appearance of cafe ozunu


The cafe is open from 11:30-18:00 and closed on Thursday.

appearance of cafe ozunu

The cow is Kuroushi or black cow, which is the famous production of Kagoshima Prefecture.


signboard of cafe ozunu


The wooden room has the relaxing atmosphere.

Polite female staff welcomed us.

inside of cafe ozunu

I found 4 counter seats and 1 table for 4 guests.

Many guests were female, but some men in formal suits or working clothes were also enjoying lunch. 


Cute floweres are beautifully decorated at some parts of the cafe.

atmosphere of cafe ozunu


Delicious flavor of curry was flowing from the kitchin.

menu of cafe ozunu


Delicious Sweets!

I found a small box which is full of sweets.

sweets of cafe ozunu


Following board is the list of today’s cakes and sands.

cake list


Every cake looks delicious!

sweets of ozunu



There are many cream cheeze cakes!

sweets of cafe ozunusweets of cafe ozunu


Shop staff told me the souffle cheese cake is the most popular at the cafe.

souffle cheese

You can take-out tart and cake. How about buying them as a souvenir?


Cute Menu☆

This is the menu of cafe ozunu.

You can add most of cake for 300 yen.

menu of cafe ozunu


According to the shop staff, following curry rice are particularly popular.

  1. Yasai Sanshu Curry (3 kinds of vegetables curry) 800 yen
  2. Yasai Sanshu Katsu Curry (3 kinds of vegetables and deep fried pork) 1,000 yen
  3. Omunose Curry (Curry with egg on it) 800 yen

I ordered Yasai Sanshu Katsu Curry (1,000 yen). My wife ordered Kimagure Sand (500 yen).



Order-made Cake

You can also book the birth cake. Every one of them looks delicious!

Order-made Cake


Following cake is made of the sweet potato which is the famous product of Kagoshima Prefecture.

sweet potato cake


Kimagure Sand

My wife ordered Kimagure Sand (750 yen)with a pumpkin cake (300 yen).

The lunch is very colorful and healthy.

Kimagure Sand


The sand is very big! Half-boiled egg is very soft.

Kimagure Sand


Kimagure sand of cafe ozunu

The content of the sand varies every day.


Following picture is the soup of broccoli.

soup of broccoli


Our one year old daughter loves the soup very much!

japanese baby drinks soupt


Small dessert is the strawberry pound cake.

strawberry pound cake

Cute hip of a cow is depicted at the corner of the table.

cute cow hip picture



Yasai Sanshu Katsu Curry

The spicy smell of the Yasai Sanshu Katsu Curry (1,000 yen) stimulates our appetite! 

Yasai Sanshu Katsu Curry


Egg plant, kidney beans and green pepper are in the curry.

Big pieces of beef is very chewy!

Yasai Sanshu Katsu Curry


You can put the pickles of the pot on the curry, if you want.

pickles pot


Fresh salad is also delicious!

Fresh salad is


The cake is made of red beans and pumpkin.





I found some other guests bought sweets as souvenirs, so we decided to buy some sweets to enjoy them at home.

take-out of cafe ozunu


We enjoyed the strawberry tart (500 yen).

strawberry tart

If you love cheese cake, please visit Cave Ozunu!


Cafe Ozunu SNS

You can check the changing delicious sands and sweets by SNS of Cafe Ozunu.





Wooden interior of the cafe has the relaxing atmosphere. In addition to female guests, many male guests also like the restaurant.

Staff is very cheerful and polite.

Curry and sand were very delicious. If you want to have lunch near Kagoshima Chuo Station, please visit Cafe Ozunu.


Restaurant Information


5 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot.

Open Hour





12-20 Chuocho, Kagoshima City


Delicious curry and sand!


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