Introduction of “Banshobana Park” – Relaxing World of Seahorse –



I visited Banshobana Park at Minami-Kyushu City when I enjoyed driving along the coast. The park is located at the beautiful coastline of the Satuma Peninsula. There is a small aquarium.


Banshobana Park

Why do the aquarium display seahorse? The park is said to be the entrance of the Palace of Dragon Kings in local legend. Those seahorses are the servants of the king. Japanese name of the sea horse literally means “children of dragons”. It is interesting that the dragon is the sacred animals in Oriental countries, while they are very evil creatures in Western countries. Actually, the seahorse is a kind of the fish according to the biological classification. At first, I thought that seahorse was the kind of shrimp or something!


This is the Banshobana Park in Kagoshima, Japan.
Many people enjoy fishing and swimming in tide pool at the park in summer.

Most Beautiful Place in Japan

During Edo period, Mr. Tadataka Ito praised this area as the most beautiful place in Japan. He is known as the first person who walked all parts of Japan and made the precise Japanese map. I had to memorize his name when I took the Japanese history class in high school.


Legend of Banshobana Park

All Japanese children know the story of Mr. Taro Urashima.
In the story, He saved the turtle which was buried by local children at seashore. In return, the turtle takes Taro to the palace of dragon king.
The Banshobana Park is said to be the entrance to the palace of the dragon king under ocean.


Kagoshima & Mr. Taro Urashima

 There are lots of legend stories of Urashima Taro in Kagoshima.
For example, there is an oldest well in Ibusuki City.
It is said that the well was at the garden of the palace and princess was using the well everyday.


Seahourse Aquarium

Many seahorses are exhibited at the park.


Many seahorses are exhibited.

They are swimming in the water in very relaxing manner. Some of them tie themselves to air hose to take a nap. How relaxing they are!

Seahorse is the symbol of pregnancy and easy birth. Seahorse couples are very affectionate. Male seahorse cultivate eggs in their belly.
It is surprising that my wife got pregnant 3 months after we came to this park! Now she has been pregnant for 6 months.
If your partner and you want a baby, this park is the place where you MUST visit!


Map of Banshobana Park

It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City by car. The entrance to the park ant its aquarium is free. There is a free parking lot. This is the lovely place to walk around!

Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

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