Early Cherry blossoms in Kagoshima, Japan (March – April)吉野公園


Early Spring of Kagoshima
Beautiful cherry blossoms are in full-broom in Kagoshima.
They are so cute and wonderful!
Kagoshima is located in the south of Japan.
That’s why you can appreciate cherry blossom earlier than other parts of Japan.

I took the video at Yoshino Park, in Kagoshima.
The park was filled with families and couples appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry blossom is the national flower in Japan!
The life of the flower is very short and all flowers will disappear about 2 weeks after full-broom.
Many Japanese people enjoy having parties under the trees of cherry blossom. This custom is called “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing).
Recently many foreign travelers have comes to Japan to enjoy Hanami parties!
I took this video at Yoshino Park, Kagoshima. Please enjoy and watch!

There are many kinds of flowers including cherry blossoms at the park.
The park is located at the highland of Kagoshima City. The park is also a good place to see Mt. Sakurajima floating on Kagoshima Bay.
Entrance is free of charge!