Beautiful Moment of Diamond Mt.Sakurajima



I like watching Mt.Sakurajima in the morning.

I have made it practice of taking video of the volcano in the morning, because I love the morning scenery of the volcano.

The morning view of Mt.Sakurajima gives me lots of spirit and hope!

I took this video on 5 May 2015. I hope you watch and enjoy its beauty. If you feel depressed or sad, I am sure the video will encourage you definitely.



Mt.Sakurajima is a source of Mental Energey

Actually I felt not so good that morning. I was thinking “Oh, I don’t to go for work”.
I forced myself to get out of the bed and opened the window of my room. Bright sunshine welcomed me.

As I am seeing the volcano, I gradually regain the mental strength.

Then I start to think “I will be OK at my workplace today, too”.

I really want to share the movie, so I took posted the video at this blog. Personally I have not met you before (probably), but the scenery is too beautiful for me to see it alone.

I pray for you so that you will have some good news today!


Do you know the symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture?

Each prefectures of Japan has their symbol mark.

Please have a look at the symbol mark of Kagoshima Prefecture below.



It stands for the shape of Kagoshima Prefecture. Central red circle is Mt.Sakurajima.

For your information, a small crack on the right side of the mark is Shibushi Bay. (Many bulk career ships come to the port from all over the world!)

By the way, I have a secret that I want to tell you about the mark of Kagoshima Prefecture…!


Passionate Spirit hidden in Symbol Mark

Do you think the mark resembles Japan’s national flag?

It was the feudal lord of Kagoshima (Mr. Nariakira Shimazu) who invented the Japan’s national flag.

At that time, Japan just opened itself to the world after long period of isolation. In order to distinguish Japanese ships from foreign ones, he put the Japan’s national flag on his ship for the first time.

Kagoshima has produced many great contributors to modernization of Japan. Those people include Mr.Nariakira Shimazu, but only Mr.Takamori Saito and Mr.Toshimichi Okubo.

They considered not only Kagoshima but also welfare of whole Japan.

I think that the prefecture symbol mark stands for their passionate spirits and love to Kagoshima and Japan.



・When you come to Kagoshima, please watch the morning view of Mt.Sakurajima.

・Kagoshima Prefecture’s symbol mark stands for the shape of the prefecture.

・The symbol mark is similar to Japan’s national flags and is filled with passions of great historical people of Kagoshima.



Natural Beauty
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