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We visited Orange Bakery which started in 1989.  The bakery is located at Koraicho of Kagoshima City. 


Visit to Bakery

When my wife was in hospital, she often had the bread of the bakery for breakfast. It was so delicious that she could not forget the taste.

I wondered why she loved the bread so much. I decided to go to the bakery with my wife.

It was rainy outside, but we got excited thinking of the bread!!

front view of orange bakery

Orange Bakery is located in the middle of quiet residential area of Korai-cho, Kagoshima City.

street view of orange bakery

The board lists the ranking of popular bread of Orange Bakery.

I want to eat them all!

popular ranking of bread


Many Delicious Bread!

There are 20 – 30 kinds of breads everyday.

Every one of them looks delicious and it is difficult to choose!

many delicious breads


The scenery of many breads made us happy!

various breads


It is hard to choose and I decided to buy as many breads and possible!

breads of orange bakery 

I was sorry that the 2nd most popular chocolate cornet was already sold out. (;´・ω・)



Bread Breakfast

We opened the bakery’s bag once we came home. This is an exciting moment!

bag of orange bakery

We placed breads on the wooden board.

What a wonderful view!

orange bakery's breads on plate

Let’s eat!


Chocolate Chip Bread

The taste is simple and mild like egg bolo. The surface of the bread is very soft.

The chocolate chips are good accents to stimulate appetite.

Chocolate Chip Bread

It is not too sweet, so I thought I could eat many of the breads at once!

Following photo is the cross-section. It looks delicious!

cross section of chocolate chip bread

The price is only 60 yen!


Coffee Bread

The bread sends off good flavor of coffee. The price is 130 yen.

coffee bread

Texture is very soft. I like the scent of coffee scent fulling my mouth and nose.

Following photo is the cross-section of coffee bread.

coffee section of coffee bread

The bread is also not too sweet. This bread is delicious.

My wife loved the bread particularly when she was in hospital. ( ´∀` )


Salt Bread

The salt bread is the most popular bread of Orange Bakery (90 yen).

Salt Bread

Recently many shops have sold the salt bread. How about Orange Bakery?

The bread is not so oily and its texture is soft and chewy.

I like the crispy part of the bottom. The good flavor of butter remained in my mouth after having it.


Fried Bread

Plenty of red beans were put inside. It looks very delicious for me.

Fried Bread

The texture is dampish and soft. Mist sweetness of red beans relaxed me.

Red beans are not too sweet and I could taste the natural sweetness of the beans.

The bread is fried, but it seems like a baked bread because it is not oily.


Potato Sand

I bought mainly many sweet breads this time, so I chose some non-sweet breads.

potato sand



Maybe something between wheat bread is the inside of meat croquette.

Wheat bread is soaked with egg and added with cheese.

Cream Cheese Bread

Delicious cheese is in the middle of the bread!

Cream Cheese Bread

Cream cheese is not so sour but mild. 🙂

Much butter is used in the Danish dough. The dough matches the slightly sweet cheese.


Tomato Pizza Bread

Tomato pizza bread is the 3rd popular bread of Orange Bakery (190 yen).

Big pieces of tomato was put on the bread. Other ingredient includes onion, bacon and green pepper.

Tomato Pizza Bread

Basil source and plenty of cheese are very delicious. Bread itself is chewy.


Chocolate Walnut Rusk

There are more than 6 kinds of rusks, but the chocolate walnut rusks is the most popular among those rusks (210 yen).

We welcomed my friend and his girlfriend at home with this rusks. The couple also liked the rusks very much!

Chocolate Walnut Rusk

Following photo is the close shot of the rusks.

Chocolate source makes it look very delicious!!

Chocolate Walnut Rusk

It is delicious!

The rusks is crispy and somewhat dampish.

It is good to have it with a cup of bitter coffee or tea! \(^o^)/


My Comment

The shop has more than 20 year of history and has provided hospitals with its delicious breads. We were very satisfied with the taste. 🙂

Various colorful breads impressed us. We will never get bored with the breads even if we eat it everyday.

There are many kinds of breads and the shop operates without holidays, so you can enjoy delicious breads whenever you wants.

I am sure we will go to the shop many times in future. I hope you make a visit to the store, too!


Other Popular Bakery

Michael-Do (Traditional Bakery Shop near Kagoshima Chuo Station)

Robinhood(Delicious Coffee Sand!)


Bakery Information


About 3 minutes from the tram stop Nichu-dori by foot. About 20 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot. Free parking lot is available.

Open Hour

7:30-20:00(no holiday)




40-22 Koraicho, Kagoshima City


Popular bakery among local residents



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