Bakery “Mikaerudo” – Long Tradition, Loved by Local People in Kagoshima City –



I introduce a local bakery “Mikaerudo” at Kagoshima City. The bakery has been popular among local people ove 65 years.

The bakery is near Kagoshima Chuo Station and you can walk to the bakery in 10 minutes.


We came to Mikaerudo

The bakery started in 1950. It has more than 65 years of history.

Famous high school Tsrurumaru High School is near the bakery and the bakery has been popular among students, too.

The appearance of the bakery has the nostalgic atmosphere of Showa era (1926-1989).

Mikaerudo bakery


The inside of the shop gives you the impression of long history, but is very cleasn and tidy. I think that the shop has been loved by owners and local people and handed down to generation to generation.


Old alminium trays are lined in the wooden showcase.

There are many kinds of bread. It is very hard for me to choose since all of them look delicious.

Mikaerudo bread

Woh! I am very lucky! Popular “Fried Bread” is not sold out!

We bought some breads and decided to eat them at our home. We were so excited on our way home♪


Let’s eat!

Once we returned home, we placed breads on the table♪

Mikaerudo bread

What a wonderful view! I want to eat them as soon as possible!


Peanuts Cream Bread (120 yen)

My wife has loved this peanuts cream bread ever since her childhood. We ate it at first!

peanut cream bread


peanut cream breadBread is soft. I remember the breads which I used to eat in primary school (about 25 years ago).

The bread is very simple. I thought I could eat 3 or 4 ob them at once.

Cream itself doesn’t include the hard peanuts. 

In eating the breads I wondered how my old friends were doing after graduating from primary school.


Coffee Cream Bread (120 yen)

This bread has also traditional taste.

coffee cream bread

Coffee cream is sweet. I thought children would love the bread.


Five Color Bread (140 yen)

I have often heard the name “3 color bread” but never heard the word “5 color bread” when we visited Mikaerudo. The 5 color bread is also popular among guests of Mikaerudo.

5 color bread

5 colors include white bean, white cream, strawberry jam, chocolate and dried grape.

5 different colors create the wonderful harmony!

5 color bread

Delicious strawberry bread ♪

5 color bread

The 5 colors bread is voluminous for its size and I recommend you to eat it when you are especially hungry.




Fried Bread (100 yen)♪

The name of the bakery is written on the paper to wrap fried bread.

paper for fried bread

My wife and I loved this fried bread.

fried bread

Following picture is cross section of the bread. I love the red beans inside. 🙂

The bread is not so oily and we ate it very quickly!

fried bread

The bakery also sells popular French rolls, cheese bread and jam breads.

It is a shame that we could not buy them due to small capacity of our stomach…


My comment

The bakery has the tradition and the simpleness of the breads has not changed since its start.

I felt I could eat the bread without limit. I could understand why the bakery was so popular among local people in Kagoshima City!

I hope this traditional bakery will keep operating in future so that our future generation can enjoy its delicious breads.

I am sure that we will re-visit the bakery soon!


Ather Nice Bakery at Kagoshima City



Bakery Information


10 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot

Open Hour

6:00 – 19:00




2-5-11 Nishida, Kagoshima City


Traditional Bakery Shop

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