Eboshidake Shrine at Hirakawacho, Kagoshima City, Japan



This article introduces Eboshidake Shrine at Hirakawacho, Kagoshima City.

This shrine worships the God of fights and sports.

Why not make visit to the shrine and pray for your success?





It takes about 6 minutes from JR Hirakawa Station of Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line by foot.

Eboshidake Shrine

There is a big shrine gate on the right side of the Route 225.

Eboshidake Shrine

This is the parking lot.

Eboshidake Shrine

The shrine is nearby sea and you can hear wave sounds.


Shrine Gate

Eboshidake Shrine Gate



Eboshidake Shrine

Eboshidake Shrine

Symbol of Shimadzu Clan is curved on the stone.

Eboshidake Shrine


Shrine Building

Eboshidake Shrine

The building is a bit smaller than other usual shrines.

The sighboard inside the building was drawn by Togo Heihachirowho defeated Russian Baltic battleships.

Eboshidake Shrine

Which gods does Eboshidake Shrine worship?


Shrine Gods


He is the younger brother of Amaterasu.

At first he did many terrible things such as killing Amaterasu’s follower.

The incident made Amaterasu hide in cave which turned the world into darkness.

Other Gods punished Susanoo and exiled him out of heaven.

After that Susanoo became a good God and defeated a huge snake of 8 heads which had frightened the people on earth.

His benefits include fruitiful harvests, removal of evil spirits and romance.


Amenotadzikarao is the God of strength.

When Amaterasu hid herself in the cave, many Gods held a party in front of the cave.

When Amaterasu took a look at the party from the cave, Amenotadzikarao quickly removed the stone in front of the cave and took Amaterasu out of it.

His benefits include improvement of sports skills.



This shrine was built around 1533 – 1555.

Kagoshima’s fudal leader Shimadzu clan has made many contributions to the shrine.

The shrine was originally located in the mountain, but moved to this place.

When Anglo-Satsuma war took place in 1863年, Satsuma’s government ordered the priest of the shrine to pray for victory in the war.



Shrine Seal

We received the sacred seal of the shrine.

The characters are very beautiful.



Information of Eboshidake Shirne




Hirakawacho 4960, Kagoshima City, Japan



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