WAKE Shrine – worships famous Mr. KIYOMARO WAKE at Kirishima City and beautiful WISTERIA –



Wake Shrine worships Mr. Wake Kiyomaro (733 – 799). He is the Japanese politician in the 8th century. The shrine is also famous as the honey moon destination of Mr. Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife Oryo..


Shrine God

The God of the shrine is the Wake Kiyomaro. What kind of person was he?

Political Scandal! Crisis of Emperor Family!

In the 8th century, the Japanese emperor at that time was Emperor Shotoku. She used the Buddhist monk Dokyo as her subordinate and loved him. Emperor Shotoku promoted him to have the strongest political power. Finally Dokyo started to wish to become the Japanese Emperor.

In 769, local government in Kyushu submitted a report to the central government. 

The report said, “Usa Hachiman Shrine received the message from the God. If Dokyo becomes the emperor, the Japan will be peaceful”.

I would argue that Dokyo intentionally had made the message. It is difficult for me to imagine that normal people except for emperor family becomes an emperor.

Emperor Shotoku was surprised at the message and she sent Mr. Wake Kiyomaro to Usa Hachiman Shrine to make sure the intention of the God.

Honesty of Wake Kiyomaro

The God of Usa Hachiman Shrine gave a message to Wake Kiyomaro.

“Since the beginning of the Japanese history, the status of emperor and its subordinates has been clearly separated. Subordinates have never become an emperor. Only the family of emperor is entitled to become an emperor. Unmoral person must be get rid of”

If you are Wake Kiyomaro, can you have enough courage to report the message to the central government and Dokyo? If it is a worst case, you can be sentenced to death. In fact, at that time, many people were against Dokyo, but they could not oppose to Dokyo who had an enormous political power.

However, Wake Kiyomaro reported the fact to Emperor Shotoku. Thanks to Wake’s courage, Japanese Emperor Family has been protected until today.

Exiled to Kagoshima

But he was punished and exiled to Osumi Domain (current Kagoshima Prefecture).

Dokyo sent assassins to kill Wake Kiyomaro during the travel way trip to Kagoshima, but sacred boars saved Wake’s life and he arrived at Kagoshima safely.

After 2 years, Emperor Shotoku died and Dokyo lost his political status. Wake Kiyomaro returned to the central government from Kagoshima.

He gained the trust of the new emperor and made great contributions to the construction of new capital (current Kyoto City) and flood prevention works.

In addition to the his achievement to protect imperial line, I want to resister respect to Wake Kiyomaro for his honesty to tell the truth even if it risks his life!


  1. health of leg and waists.
  2. Safe birth and academic success
  3. Construction

Visit to Shrine

The shrine was deep in mountain.


1,050 years Wake Kiyomaro visited this place, Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife Oryo came to this shrine during their honeymoon.

Shrine Video

Shrine Garden


Boar named Wake-chan

This is our first time to visit shrine which raises a boar, which is regarded as the sacred animal. The boar named Wake-chan has white color.

Wisteria Flower

About 100 wisteria trees are in full bloom in April. The best time to appreciate the flower is the end of April. 

When we visited the shrine at the beginning of May, sadly almost flowers were gone. I could managed to take the following picture. We decided to come here again next year.


Sacred Seal

I received a sacred seal of the shrine as a memorial of our visit. 🙂



We also visited the Inukai Waterfall near Wake Shrine. 

Travel Sport near Wake Shrine

Inukai Waterfall

Shiobitashi Spa Ryoma Park

Shrine Information


It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City. Please also make a visit to INUKAI waterfalls just across the road of the shrine. 20 minutes from Mizobe IC of Kyushu Highway by car.



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