Sacret Small Shrine “WAKAMIKO SHRINE” – Worships Japan’s 1st Emperor and Ancient Hero –



We happened to discover the mysterious shrine when we drove at Kirishima City. The scenery was beautiful especially at sunset. Personally this is important place for me since I came here with my wife before our marriage.


Walking at Wakamiko-bana

The place is designated as the Kirishima Kinko bay National Park. The scenery is wonderful.

Following picture is the entrance of the road to Wakamiko shrine. The road is paved but some places are narrow and not good for walking. So, please put on walking shoes.

National park

The scenery is especially at sunset time.


The sun was going down to horizon between trees.

Wakamiko Bana

You can see Mt. Sakurajima at south. Luckily the volcano erupted when we came here.

Sakurajima Eruption

The eruption smoke was flowing to east.

Sakurajima Eruption

The road was about 2 km to the shrine (about 15 minutes by foot). The shape of the shrine is unique and cocoon-like. 

The shrine was full of spiritual air. We made prayers at the shrine.

Wakamiko Shrine

The shrine has been worshiped by local fishermen from the old time.


Shrine God

Emperor Jimu (1st Emperor) and Yamato-takeru are worshiped at this shrine. Yamato-takeru is famous for conquering Kumaso tribe of this area and it is said that he landed at this shrine before the conquer.


Shrine Video


Shrine Information


Free parking lot is available at the entrance of walking road.


Small shrine beautiful at sunset time

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