Introduction of Kagoshima Food Festival – Enjoy 80 SHOCHU with Famous Local Foods –



Kagoshima is proud of fresh meats and vegetables. They are very delicious! My wife and I went to the Kagoshima Food Culture Festival which introduces the food of Kagoshima!




Report of Festival

Please buy tickets at the entrance of the festival park. The tickets consists of 12 pieces of 100 yen ticket. You can also buy 500 yen tickets . The scenery reminds me of my university festivals 12 years ago!


Many interesting events are scheduled on the stage. It is the shame that I had no time and could not watch any of those events at this time!


Cook roasts Sakurajima chicken with strong fire. How delicious they are!


Personally I really love roasted Sakurajima chicken! I wish if I could have it with a glass of bear. (But I have to drive a car and I give up the thought).


Other store sells Satsuma-Age (Deep fried fish paste) with Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) inside. This food must be declious with a cup of Shochu!






Try Drink Shochu!

Speaking of Kagoshima, Shochu springs up in mind of most of Japanese! According to a shop staff, you can try as many as 80 kinds of Shochu at the festival. If you love alcohol, you must not miss the opportunity!



Wow…! I have never seen such many Shochu bottles, though I am born and raised in Kagoshima! How impressive! It was the daytime when my wife and I went to the festival, but I imagine it must be very crowded at night!

When you try Shochu, you must buy a special glass. Those Japanese words say, “Eat!, Drink! Kagoshima” in Kagoshima dialects. 🙂


Let’s try Shochu from various region of Kagoshima while enjoying delicious food!

You can eat and drink at the tent of the festival. It was Saturday and the tent was crowded with weekend families. But the number of people seems to be smaller than that of Ramen Championship Contest in February this year.


Some Japanese people loves drinking alcohol standing without sitting down. Let’s try Japanese way of drinking Shochu!


Oh… It is really a shame that I could not have alcohol at the festival…!!!



Mis. Shochu

My wife and I found Mis. Shochu standing at the dolphin port near the festival. We asked her to take a picture together!


Humm… the above picture is BEAUTY and BEAST!

How lovely and cute she is! Maybe her appearance is the typical beautiful girl in Kagoshima, Japan. I hope her success in advertising Shochu of Kagoshima!



Video Report of Festival

!The Kagoshima Food festival is held at Kagoshima Water Front (park in front of Dolphin Port) from 6th to 8th November 2015. I took the video of the festival and please watch and enjoy! 


Access to Festival

Take the tram and get off at IZURO station. It takes about 10 minutes from the station to the festival by foot. 🙂




Event & Festival