OHARA Festival in Kagoshima – Let’s Dance and Drink Shochu with Local People –



My wife and I went to Ohara Festival, the most famous festival in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan!

Watch the following video and feel excitement and jolly atmosphere of dancing people!


When in Ohara Festival?

Ohara Festival is held on 2nd to 3rd November every year.  The festival was 64th Ohara Festival this year (2015). Because the festival was held at the same time with National Cultural Festival (国民文化祭), the festival was especially exciting!

Where is Ohara Festival held?

The festival is held on Tenmonkan Street of downtown of Kagoshima City. Various citizen groups dances along the street.

Who participate at Ohara Festival?

In addition to those who belong to various groups such as hospitals, kindergarten, welfare facilities, etc., other people and travelers are free to participate at the festival. I found that small children were imitating adults’ dancing. Very cute!

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Jolly atmosphere also made me start dancing unconsciously. 🙂

Scenery of Ohara Festival

Many people are dancing on the streets. It is very impressive!

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Every groups are dancing in different styles. It is quite interesting to watch the difference!

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Dancing people are in various costumes. Some are in Happi (traditional dancing clothes) or Yukata (summer casual Kimono).

ohara festival kagoshima japan

I found very colorful group! How beautiful they are!

ohara festival kagoshima japan

I really love the atmosphere of Ohara Festival. It is so jolly and brings me lots of mental energy.

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Breaking time starts after dancing 2 or 3 songs. People are talking each other in homey atmosphere.

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Small children are dancing at the front of a group. How lovely they are! 🙂

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Song “Kagoshima Hanya-bushi”

This is one of the traditional local songs in Kagoshima. Please watch following video.

It is a great fun to dance with local people. I want to participate in dancing, too!

Other Fun at Ohara Festival

I love drinking alcohol and really enjoys drinking Shochu which are delivered to public for free!

ohara festival kagoshima japan

Tents are built in front of the huge department store Yamakataya to serve Shochu for public. If you love alcohol, never ever miss this precious opportunity! I took the video of serving Shochu at those tents! How generous the festival to serve alcohol drinks for free!



Symbol of Festival, Tram “Hana Densha”

Trams are important transportation for people in Kagoshima City.

Hana Densha comes to Ohara Festival to symbolize the festival. Everybody is very busy taking photos of the tram.

ohara festival kagoshima japan

The tram starts running in Kagoshima City about 10 days before Ohara Festival.

Please watch Hana-Densha at the following video!

Final Dance of the Day

At the end of the day, all dancers and citizens dance in circle. Of course, I joined them!

At the center of the circle, girls in traditional clothes are especially good at dancing!!
They are said to have the hardest training in preparation for this Ohara Festival. Please see their professional dancing movements and steps. How great they are!

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