Ogiongsa Festival (2016) – Big Traditional Event in Kagoshima –



Ogionsa has been the traditional festival in Kagoshima since Edo period for the health and prosperity of people. As many as 3,000 people participate in the festival.



Ogionsa festival was held as follows:

23rd July (Saturday) 24th July (Sunday)
14:00 Tenmonkan Arcade 10:00 Starting ceremony at Yasaka Shrine
Traditional performance 10:30 Portable shrine depart Yasaka Shrine
17:00 Tenmonkan Park 14:30 Ceremony at Tenmonkan
Traditional performance and display 15:00-17:30 Festival at Tenmonkan


Start Ceremony

Scorching summer sunlights hit the skins of musculer men.

Start ceremony was held at 10:30 at Yasaka Shrine.

Many musculer men filled the garden of the shrine.

yasaka shrine filled with festival men


Shrine god moves from the building to portable shrine (Mikoshi).

God moving to portable shrine


Please watch the following video of the start ceremony.

6 beautiful portable shrins depart the shrine for Tenmonkan.

Yasaka Shrine is also famous for June Lantern Festival.


Near JR Kagoshima Station

My family watched the portable shrine near JR Kagoshima Station, 500 away from Yasaka Shrine.

Portable Shrine of Ogionsa festival

Some men put salt on our feet to keep away evil spirits.

Men of Ogionsa Festival

They gave our baby chans to wish her healthy growth in future.

portable shrine of ogionsa festival

They stop at infront of a shop and chaned for the prosperity of the shop.

ogionsa festival

Water was sprayed to cool down men.

water sprayed to men at ogionsa festival

I took the following video near Kagoshima Station.


Procession at Tenmonkan Street


The course of the festival procession is as follows.


Japanese Drums Performance

I waited for the procession in front of Yamakataya Depart ment Store.

Pedestrians enjoyed watching performance of Japanese drums.


Kagoshima Ambasodors & Child Portable Shrine

Procession started finally.

Kagoshima Ambassodors and children on portable shrines started procession after drum performers.

Ambassodors girls are very beautiful. Small children in traditional festival costumes are so cute!


God “Sarutahiko”

Sarutahiko is the God who guided the God Ninigi from the heaven to Japan’s land when Ninigi was ordered to rule Japan.

Sarutahiko has a long nose like a goblin.

God "Sarutahiko" at Ogionsa Festival

Samurais walked along the road. If you put some money on their cages, Samurai gives you the sacred piece of the tree of Yasaka Shrine.

sacred tree of Yasaka Shrine


Dashi (Festival Vehicle)

Dashi strolls along the Tenmonkan Street.

They play traditional jolly Japanese musics in traditional ancient costumes.

dashi of ogionsa festival

I took the video of all three kinds of Dashi.


Kannyo (Imperial Lady)

Beautiful lady is in beautiful clothes.

kannyo of ogionsa festival

kannyo of ogionsa festival


12 Kanme

12 girls put the wodden boxes on their heads.

12 kanme of ogionsa festival

12 kanme of ogionsa festival


Chigokago (Children Carts)

Some children are completely sleeps while being carried in carts.

Chigokago (Children Carts) of Ogionsa Festival

Cute girl waves her hands to public.

Girl waves hands to public at Ogionsa Festival

I took the following video of Kannyo, 12 Kanme and Chigokago.

They are all beautiful.


Male Portable Shrines

Men carries portable shrine. It is very impressive.

10 portable shrines appeared at Ogionsa Festival.

6 of 10 shrines are carried by men.

naked men at Ogionsa Festival


Female Portable Shrines

4 portable shrines are carried by women during the festival.


Kasaboko Performance

Some people put umbrellas of long bamboo trees on their head or shoulders.

The bamboo length is 7 meter. It must be very heavy!


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