Gachapon (Capsule Toy Vending Machine) – Sushi Naked Girl !? –



GACHAPON (capsule toy vending machine) is so fun! You can find many Gachapons at amusement arcades in Japan. Some of them are so funny have a good sense of humor!


Gachapon Introduction

There are usually many capsule toy vending machines in Japanese amusement arcades. Usually you have to put only 100 – 200 coins to get 1 capsule. Usually small children (sometimes adults like us) love to play the game. Many kinds of unique toys are put inside capsules. In most cases, you never know what is inside until you open it.


Sushi Naked Girl

We found many vending machines at FRESPO shopping mall of Kagoshima City! Those toys include Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Ruroni Kenshin, Doragon Ball or …NAKED Girl??

It is a small key holder of a naked girl put between slices of Sushi (Japanese traditional food). Many parents would not allow their kids to play this machine because it is too sexy!

We have no choice but to play this unique Gachapon!

Our second try of sushi naked girl.

Our third try of sushi naked girl.

 2nd Movie – What an elaborate profile inside with the sushi naked girl.

3rd Movie – Where is a sushi naked girl?


Hamburger Naked Girl

The sushi naked girl has suddenly disappeared from the amusement arcade.

But we found her in a new style at OPSIA shopping mall of Kagoshima City! She had changed her costume from sushi to hamburger!


Lunch Naked Girl

We also found her at TOIZARASU shopping mall of Kagoshima City 1 year after taking the above video.

She changed her costume again from hamburger to western lunch!




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