ISHIBASHI Park – Pleasant Park for Local Perople, Nice View of Mt.Sakurajima, Learn Stone Bridge (Kagoshima City)



My friend recommended this place to see Mt. Sakurajima. This park is called “Ishibashi Park” which literally means “stone bridge park” in Japanese. You can have the great scenery of the volcano across the Kinko bay (it was cloudy at that time, though…)


Ishibashi Park

I visited Ishibashi Park.

Many citizens enjoy activities at the park. There are some spaces where children play with water.



Sakurajima Ferry from Ishibashi Park

We are lucky to happen to see the ferry entering Kagoshima Port.

Following video is the view of Sakurajima ferries from a high hill (Shiroyama Observatory).


Stone Bridges of Edo Period

There had been 5 stone bridges on Kotsuki River which flowed in Kagoshima City.

Those 5 bridges were constructed during Edo period. The 25th ruler of the Satsuma Domain, Shimadzu Shigehide (1745-1833) ordered a architect Iwanaga Sangoro to construct those bridges in 1840.

There is a statue of Iwanaga Sangoro at the park.

statue of Iwanaga Sangoro

Princess Atsu crossed Nishida Bridge when she married to Tokugawa Shogun.

However, heavy rain and subsequent flood destroyed 2 out of  5 bridges on 6th August 1993, about 150 after they were constructed.

Remained 3 bridges were moved to Ishibashi Park for preservation.

What a powerful power of water to destroy stone bridges was!

玉江橋 source: wikipedia

Tamae Bridge (source: wikipedia)

Korai Bridge (source: wikipedia)


Nishida Bridge (source: wikipedia)

You can learn history and construction of those stone bridge at a museum in the garden.


Famous park to take Japanese historical dramas

The bridges make you imagine of Edo period, the old Japanese era.

There is also a big wooden gate. I felt as if many samurais would come out of the gate. 

Actually the Nishida bridge (above picture) was used for the procession of Samurais who marched to Edo (current Tokyo).

There is a small stream under the bridge and many children were playing under the bridge.


Enjoy walking or fishing at the park

This is the pleasant place to see Mt. Sakurajima at a very close distance.
There are many people enjoying waling and fishing at weekends.
The Sakurajima ferry are moving smoothly in front of you.
I saw many people fishing squid. I love eating squids and envied them very much!



1) You can have the close look of Mt. Sakurajima from the park.
2) Many Japanese historical drama are taken here. Let’s enjoy the atmosphere of old Japan.
3) This is the nice place for walking around and fishing fishes and squids!


Access to Park

  • Address : Hamacho 1-3, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan
  • TEL: 099-248-6661
  • Home Page:
  • Open Hours (Memorial Park) : 09:00 – 17:00 (-19:00 in July and August)
  • Holiday : Monday
  • Transportation : 15 minustes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by car, 15 minutes from Kagoshima Station by foot


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