Japanese Green Tea Fields (5 April 2015, Chiran, Kagoshima)


360 Panorama view of green tea fields in Chiran, Kagoshima, Japan.

Production of Green Tea

Chiran is famous for the production of green tea.
Kagoshima’s production of green tea is the second biggest in Japan (1st is Shizuoka).
Chiran’s green tea has won the 1st prize for years.


Effects of Tea

Green tea has lots of good effects on your body.
For example, it helps the flow of blood. Your body becomes resistant to cold. It can prevents diabetes.
My father had a high blood pressure several years ago. But his blood pressure improved after drinking green tea everyday!


Where to Drink

You can have a green tea at the Buke-Yashiki (Old houses of Japanese Samurai) in Chiran.
It is nice to have a green tea after enjoy appreciating the beauty of Japanese traditional houses and gardens.



Kagoshima Love!